Wednesday, October 04, 2006

News for Wednesday

We start off our news for Wednesday with a brief preview of the Tochigi Emperors Cup match. Tochigi is a JFL squad that currently sits in 7th place. Tochigi got to the 3rd round by beating Saga University 3-0 in the first round and Saitama Shobi Gakuen University 2-0 in the second round. the team is led by Midfielder Kentaro Yoshida (10 goals) and FW Tomohiro Sano (7 goals) as well as a defense that has posted 7 clean sheets in 22 games.

If you want to find out more about Verdys opponent, look here

4 SIGNINGS FOR 2007!!!!!!!

Christmas has come early for Verdy transaction fans........couldn't keep a straight face on that one, I mean it's been 3 weeks since we signed somebody so it was due to happen. But anyhow, 4 young guys are cming in to offer support.

Osama Elsamni was a member of Verdy youth this year. You might remember him from the Prince League, scoring a tying goal in the ill fated final 8 match. Osama just turned 18 last week and hopes to follow in the line of Verdy forwards who came from the family.

Taira Inoue comes from Hosei University. A 23 year old forward who made the best 11 for his college division, Inoue was a former member of the Japan U-19 squad. Short kid, probably a burner.

Kensuke Fukuda is a 22 year old defender from Meiji University. Fukuda is a product of the Yokohama F Marinos youth programs.

Junpei Shinmura is the youngest of the 4 signings. The 17 year old is a senior midfielder from Riseisha High School who helped the school gain a best 16 spot in the 2004 national high school tournament.

I'll be excited to see them suit up next year........for Tokushima Vortis.


Got this little nugget off of Verdyblog. It seems as though Ono, Ichiyanagi, and Tomisawa have a picture up on the Verdy website without hair. The three (with varying lengths of hair) decided to go "Saito" in order to psyche themselves up and help Verdy reach J1.

You are probably saying to what. Fair enough. Here's the deal, RUI decided that it was a great according to Babelfish, Ramos cut off all his hair and shaved his beard, shocking the staff and players. I imagine he probably looks like Verdy kun, the Verdy mascot with his egg shaped head and beak like nose.

Nikkan Sports has the story here

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