Sunday, October 29, 2006

It's not the's the how

Well, the final nail is in the coffin for Verdy promotion. Playing a 3-5-2, Mito got out on the attack early when FW Shogo Shiozawa scored, minutes later Kohei Nishino would notch one of his two goals on the day. Out goes Sugawara, In comes Hiramoto......oh yeah, that reminds me....the lineup

Kaimoto, Togawa, Ichiyanagi, Fujita
NAGAI, Tomisawa, Sugawara, Marcus
Hiroyama, Silva

Bench: Tokizawa, Kina, Kanazawa, Hiramoto, Saito

Anyhow second half starts and defender Jungo konno makes it 3-0. U-21 member Ichiyanagi is sent away so U-47 member Tetsuhiro Kina can come in. Great move, Kohei Nishino hits to make it 4-0 a mere three minutes later.

Martin Saito comes in for Hiroyama and scores 6 minutes later. 4-1.....out with a whimper and not a bang. Combined with a tie between Kashiwa and Yokohama FC and the final chance for promotion is out the window. Game Over!!!!!!

Here's hoping that Tokizawa gets a little time in net. Nothin to play for now but pride so let the kids see what they can do.

I'd like to see Tokizawa in net and Killoran on the bench next game......give the kid 20 or 30 minutes. Maybe bring out Yanagisawa for his farewell tour and Ono for some first team stuff.

I'd go with this lineup

Silva and Hiroyama

Kuba Ono

Ishikawa Yanagisawa
Nakano Togawa


Bench: Takagi, Killoran, Mihara, Kiyama, Tsurumaki

If you don't want to have all the youngsters on the bench at the same time, spread it out over the 5 games but it does no good at this point to have the retreads come out now. If you want to have a sendoff on the 26th..........have at it.

In other news, ZE LUIS went back to Brazil for treatment on his bad hamstring

It looks like we've seen the last of Ze for the season and maybe for good.


Nick said...

I watched last night....we were going great guns and had them under the cosh for the first 15 minutes, Silva had a flying header beaten away by the keeper Hiroyama had a go,we were looking good,they score with a header from their first attack.We carried on unperturbed...they scored with a header on their second attack...Wecarried on they hit the bar with a header on their third attack...something sound familiar. Anyway, to be honest I thought we shaded it first half and was not unconfident of a second half come back. Soon as they got number three though,Iit was game over. OUR DEFENCE WAS TERRIBLE!! All over the show, for the second and third goals the ball looped over at least three defenders who stared rooted to the spot or mistimed their "jumps". Takagi has definately regrown his Samson Dandelion to its former glory and it looks like Hiramoto is joining him in the crap fashion stakes with a rather natty pimp `tache and Takagi like "do". Saito looked lively when he came on and applied a nice finish to a sweet move. It showed what they ARE capable of, but just not often enough. I agree, pension off the old boys, give the youngsters a run out with a view to next season!! Roll on next season!!

-Keitaro- said...

I agree with you, our defense is terrible, not only the defenders but also the midfielders and the forwards shold press more to win balls. The team don't figth, they are too lazy.

In the next matches I would like to see players as Tokizawa, Ichiyanagi, Tsurumaki, Killoran, Iida and Saito, I like very much this forward, he is speed and score so many goals.

On the one side I'm sad because Verdy lost 1-4 against a bad team as Mito but, on the other, I'm happy to know Verdy likes to buy Hulk, an excellent forward. Silva and Hulk can make a lethal society :D.

Nick said...

I would just love to be able to say we have The Hulk up front!! Never mind the real lion in the back four...have to wait and see though as Japanese sports papers are generally full of it and about as reliable as English trains.

SMB said...

the hulk in green would be a natural

-Keitaro- said...

Don't you know some defender or defensive midfielder who wants to buy Ramos?