Saturday, October 14, 2006

Verdy live.....sort of

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SMB said...

I'm running this like the game is going on live.

My impression of the first 15 minutes is that Verdy just isn't following up.....the penetration is there but there isn't a second player.

Ohashi just missed on the free kick and Tomisawa had a nice block on the Diego free.....the most dangerous chance was a free kick by Diego who sent one in to an (unknown) post player who seemed to fall down (cough...tackled)

The back 4 have been passing back sloppy balls to Takagi who seems to be back in full dandelion bloom!

SMB said...

So it looks like it's starting to get ugly......about 25 minutes in Kashiwa dominates the play keeping it in Verdy's side.

27th minute sees Arakawa put a nutmeg on ishikawa, leaving him on his knees......after Takagi saves the shot, Kashiwa's Diego and Togawa go after the ball, Togawa takes out Takagi when they bang knees and Arakawa puts in a shot when Hagimura is unable to clear before it crosses the goal 1-0 kashiwa

SMB said...

Verdy is starting to press more and it's showing in their sloppy passing.........Diego got hurt while I was writing the last snippet (well 2:30 actually) he was taken off the field and tried to walk to the locker but had to get carried in.

#42 Sato takes his place.....he was signed in June.

suzuki and ricardinho get out on a breakaway in the was perfectly executed. Suzuki gave it up at the right time, Ricardino unselfishly passed it back and Suzuki put it past a flat footed Takagi for a 2-0 score

After Verdy blew a nice corner by Ohashi, Ricardino passed off to Kobayashi who sent a beauty into Fransa. Fransa put a perfect header to the newly inserted Sato who pretty much ran it into the goal uncontested......the defense is breaking down like their last visit. Except there's not just one culprit.

Minami got dinged up after coming down on Hagimura.

Halftime 3-0 Kashiwa

SMB said...

Well, an old friend is back....Captain Ono came in at the half with Hiramoto for Ohashi and Marcus.......not much is happening for the Verdy side.....Nagai comes in for Ishikawa and fouls somebody in what looks like a 3-4-3

Another entry to Fransa finds the big ugly man making a beautiful pass in the box to Suzuki who promptly puts away the ball into the net. 4-0....i'm tired and I've seen this game before so I'm done.

Oh btw.......hiramoto scores in the 85th minute, reenacting the role of Kazunori Iio.

Nick said...

To think i was P****ed off yesterday that my Sky TV knackered!!4-1 Reysol glad I couldnt tape you said "seen this game before..." Ive bought a new tuner tonight so Im ready to go for the rest of the seasons meaningless finishers.On the plus side though our boys can`t be that bottom of the barrel as our good friends in Thailand have had the common decency to manufacture and list fake tops on EBay! I purchased one myself for the princely sum of 6 pounds 43p today.I had a bit of a battle for it though as the other guy had bid 6 pounds 20!! six quid for a top or 60 quid?? Im not a snobby man but,one kid,one on the way and a wife all on my wage...whats a man to do!!The Sapporo game and the Sendai game then Im done for the year.We can all start again with new hope again next year!! C`mon the Greens!! Im looking forward to it already!! Next year is the year!!