Thursday, October 12, 2006

Thursday thoughts

First things first.......Kashiwa vs Verdy will be on TV CHIBA at 2 pm.......I have no money but I do have TV CHIBA so I will be watching at home in front of my TV and computer so I figured I might do a play-by-play in the comments box........anybody out there that wants to join in the discussion, come on by! My one problem might be with internet access, though. A group of Italian and French Tourists are living in the house and downloading stuff like crazy so my internet connection is wishy washy at best. Anyhow, I hope it works!


I guess Babelfish was less than reliable in translating the Ruy has no hair. He still has his jheri curls and beard.

EMPERORS CUP 2006......A.K.A. The big Verdy flameout

Well, round 4 is up and the little team that did, A.K.A Tochigi SC, heads down to Shizuoka to face J1 upper crust in last years Emperors Cup runner up Shimizu S Pulse. I'd kind of like to see them do some damage now that they sent Verdy to the showers. Other lower division matchups include Top table and defending Emperors Cup holders Urawa Reds at home against Shizuoka FC. In fact, Urawa has the enviable position of being in line for 3 home games (Komaba, Saitama 2002, Saitama 2002) before the semi-finals. Little brother Omiya gets a "home" game in Akita (near Sapporro) when they take on YKK AP in a game that is set up to be an upset. Finally, Banditonce Kobe gets a chance to shock another upper division squad when they face the slumping but dangerous Gas Men from Ajinomoto, A.K.A FC Tokyo.

Other matches to watch for will be Vegalta Sendai at Nagoya Grampus 8 which pits Joel Santana and his three striking Brazilians against the young Grampus side and Frode Jonsen, Norwegian super striker.

Montedio Yamagata goes to Kofu to face Ventforet in Kose. This features a matchup of two former Omiya strikers who got cut because they can score. Version 1 is Bare the Kofu King.....Version two is El Golazos top rated player in J2 this year, Leandro, who managed 3 goals in 60 minutes in Montedios 6-2 3rd round victory.


I'll give more details later but Verdy goes up against their UBER-NEMISIS in Kashiwa Reysol. You might remember Reysol giving Verdy the old heave-ho last year. No? Maybe you saw the first match between the squad this year, which sent Verdy tumbling out of the upper eschelon and showed me what a tool Dedimar truly is. Maybe you saw the 4-1 pasting when Verdy last visited Kashiwa, which shattered the back line and caused a giant shake-up. Maybe you bought the hype after a 4-1 mirage in game three of the series which allegedly put Verdy back on track only to see them drop two in a row. Last stand time.......will we see some surprises? Ono returning? Martin up top? Yanagisaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hell no, even Ramos isn't that delusional.
Sugawara and Kanazawa are out for the game so we will see a new mid in the middle.

Morimoto Mania and a new Verdy blog

Our friend Ultranippon has branched out and created his own Verdy espanol blog, titled Ganbare Verdy

Another Verdy english site has popped up..................actually English and Japanese titled
Glamourous Verdy and Diary

Finally, one of the posters on Bigsoccer put up a link to his new Morimoto fan site.....he calls it Morimoto Mania!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No word on the new Tetsuhiro Kina mantasy fun blog.

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