Sunday, April 30, 2006

Dishing up Sattelite since I don't have a sattlelite dish!

Sunday saw the Verdy B team take on the Kashiwa express (or really section semi-express since it's the second squad) in Chiba.

It ended up in a 3-3 tie

3 30 minute periods took place

Young master Morimoto scored two goals and knocked a third shot off the crossbar. He also took part in the whole game. With the injury to Basilio, it will be good to have another gunner.

Other highlights were Killoran, Rickhiki, and Adan (wearing Je Chun Moons 31) seeing major time as well as Masa Ono playing big minutes.

Dedimar put in a goal...........Ohashi did some contributions as well.

No Kina or Sugawara.

Anyhow pictures can be seen here

I thought I had the Adan mystery solved when I found Frederick Adam, a French was not him though.................the search continues!

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