Sunday, April 02, 2006

An eyewitness account-Notes from the Solar Flameout

Here is some more of the wit and wisdom of our intrepid reader, Nick-

4/1 Kashiwa vs VERDY:Here comes the sun":

I saw the Kashiwa game yesterday and was half pleased with what I saw.On the one hand we should have got something from the game after going in at half time in the lead.Apart from the first 10 minutes I thought we were good value for our lead. We played very well,even the midfield!! Nagai had his best outing so far and it was his quick thinking which led to the second goal,Ono had a couple of powerful runs and looked half decent. Basillio took his goals very well. His second booking was for handball,he claimed he didnt handle it but the TV replays showed that he did so he can`t have any complaints apart from that maybe it was accidental.Dejimar could have no complaints if he was sent off for his "challenge" for his booking he nearly cut the guy in half! After a poor start, (what the hell was Yanagisawa doing!!) we got ourselves back into the game and seemed to be cruising only to shoot ourselves in the foot second half.As you say,all the bookings seemed fair enough,the ref did fine but if we are gonna carry on in this vein we will have no players left in a couple of weeks,everyone will be suspended. Any ideas on the yellow card/suspension rules? Im guessing Basillio`s gonna be missing games plus Kanazawa.Apart from the suicidal goings on in the second half,I saw a lot of reason for hope,if Reysol are (and the table says they are) the best squad in the league, we should have no problems getting up as we more than matched them up until the first red card. Saturday I would say was a very encouraging (if a little ridiculous) performance and we can look forward with confidence to a crushing defeat of Mito!! Then again, its Verdy so we`ll probably get a shoeing!! C`mon the Boys!! Onwards and Upwards.

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SMB said...

Fujita and Basilio are out for the reds for sure..............Kanazawa should be fine, he only has 2 on the season. Ono has 3, so he's the next one up for suspension. I couldn't find the statute on how many caution points you can get before you're run off.

It seems like Verdy plays up or down depending on the competition. Not crazy about that but it happens.

Yanagisawa is garbage.....don't like him at all......he's my Takagi. Oh, here's a funny note......they have Takagi apppreciation seats, I guess in commemoration of his sitting.