Monday, April 03, 2006

Gametime:4/5 Mito Hollyhock vs VERDY

After a tough loss to Kashiwa Reysol in which two regulars got run like groping drunks in Roppongi, Verdy visits the little dragons of Mito in a battle that's sure to astound and amaze. Mito started off the 2006 campaign strong, with wins at Sapporo and a 3-0 pasting of Shonan Bellmare, but the bottom has dropped out as of late. A gutty 1-0 loss to kashiwa is sandwiched between two drubbings at the hands of Vissel Kobe (4-0) and Yokohama FC (2-0). If Verdy's past performance against Kashiwa is indicative of how the team will play, then it should eb an easy match for El Buitre. However, anyone who has followed the team this season knows that nothing comes easy for Verdy.

Potential lineups:

Mito Hollyhock

GK 21 Hiroyuki TAKEDA
DF 4 Jungo KONO, 5 Yu TOKISAKI,14 Takafumi YOSHIMOTO,32 Masashi OWADA
MF 20 Takashi KURAMOTO, 8 Yusuke GONDO,13 Takuya SHIIHARA,7 Kenji HADA


GK 21 TAKAGI (sorry Nick, but I think Wednesday is the day that the dandelion is back between the's a short week and Mizuhara has been less than stellar. I would hope for Kurokawa but I think the keeper will be Takagi.)

DF 13 YANAGISAWA, 5 DEDIMAR, 4 TOGAWA, 27 AOBA (With the injuries to Hagimura, the banishment? of Sugawara and the ejection of Fujita, the team is especially thin on the back line. It might not be too costly, considering that Mito is going through a three game shutout drought but this area is the main cause of concern. )

MF 10 ANAILSON, 11 ONO, 15 KANAZAWA, 8 NAGAI (Best game of the season for the middle 4. Anailson might be the key figure for the suspect back 4 of Mito. If the middle is solid in this game, Verdy will roll.......if the middle struggles however, Mito will probably get the result. )

FW 25 HIRAMOTO, 39 SAITO (Saito is probably the one Ramos will put in the front. Didn't get a chance to play with the Fujita ejection. Hiramoto has picked it up as well. If anything, it gives Basilio a good chance to get a little rest for the weekend.)


One to watch:

Actually, four to watch.......the back line of Mito has been falling apart. Yokohama FC (nobody accuses them of being an offesive juggernaut) managed to get 17 shots on goal. If not for the skill of Hiroyuki Takeda in net, the damage could have been much worse. Messrs. Konno, Tokisaki, Yoshimoto, and Owata need to tighten it up or it will be a very long season for Mito.

Time and place: 4/5 7:00 pm in Mito

I won't be able to dish is not up and running and Skyperfect is starting to be a major money drain. If anyone has a chance to view the game, as always I will give you some column space!

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