Thursday, May 04, 2006

Been awhile...........Ohisashiburi!

Lots of news all in one thread............Here we go!

As you might know, Verdy was eliminated by a 10 man Ulsan squad 1-0. Quick thoughts on this.....didn't see the game but it looked like Ulsan went with a 5 man back and packed it in. Crappy soccer but hey scoreboard so they got what they wanted.

Probably for the best that Verdy got eliminated. The first,second, and third priority for the team is to get back to J1 and taking jaunts to Saudi Arabia in July probably wouldn't help the sqaud at all in that quest.

The starting 11 was the same as Sapporo except for Ohashi, Dedimar, and Hiramoto. Saito came on as a sub and drew the red card on Ulsan defender and Captain Young-Kyoul You.

Here is a link to the AFC game report


Looks like the side injury isn't as serious as it appeared....he suited up for the match in Korea. Unknown whether or not he'll be starting against Ehime on saturday.


VerdyBlog has more info on mystery midfielder looks like he is an 18 year old Brazilian who came from Guarani FC.

It's the second story Japanese.

Nihon Daigaku Training match


Morimoto notched 2 goals in the game on Tuesday. Another Mystery foreigner popped up in the match, this time a striker with no known name.

So keeping count.............................Basilio, Dedimar, Anailson, RickHiki, Killoran, Je Chun Moon, Adan, and mystery foreign striker (link from the Verdy blog)

Another Blog(S) Bites the Dust

PRIDE OF GREEN, a Verdy site run by a true Verdy fan named Yoshikazu shut down on May 1st....................the guy was a maniac, showing up at seemingly every function, game, and training match. If I needed info on training matches, I'd check there first. He was the one who had the Adan story and pictures first.

MASA-NET, Our friend Masa at Masa-net seems to have stopped writing. Although I depise the Reds and everything they stand for, Masa is a good guy who put out information on the Reds, J-League and finally Tomi Maric in Germany at a breakneck speed (Often in three or four languages). It was a must read for me and I hope he comes back to write about the J-league again very soon.

Yoshikazu and Masa..........Honto Ni Arigato Gozaimasu......please come back soon and write again!

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