Thursday, April 20, 2006

More thoughts on the blowout/RSN update

First off, Matsu of the Rising Sun News e-mailed and said his site is working again.....good news.

Second......I have more to say on yesterdays game. I have given Ramos credit for his in game substitutions and coaching......that being said, the red cards fall on his head as well. First it was Fujita the idiot boy, then Basilio, next it was the Diabolical Dedimar and now Hiramoto........4 reds in 9 games is inexcusable.....that is a lapse in discipline. The team has been playing hard but they've had mental lapses and breakdowns. That also falls on Ramos. I'm not in panic mode.......yet, but the midfield and D line need to tighten up soon. Looking at the top 5, Verdy is the only team with a less than stellar D, Basilio and Hiramoto have masked the stench with the effervescent fragrance of their scoring prowess.

Vegalta have allowed 3 goals in 9 games, Yokohama FC 3 in 9, Consadole Sapporo 6 in 9 games, and Kashiwa 9 in 10 games (6 in the last 3 games......all losses). Warning signs abound.

After allowing 5 goals in 2 games, I don't see the back line of Hagimura, Fujita, Togawa, and Aoba being long for this world. I'm not quite sure who Ramos goes to though........maybe RICKHIKI but I'm hoping no more Yanagisawa or Dedimar.

The midfield is more of a conundrum. Ohashi seems to fade after every good game in the national. Nagai and Kanazawa didn't look awful in the Thespa game, at least not awful enough to drop completely from the main squad. The keeper situation is a mess, I'd like to see Kurokawa get a shot but he's been stinking up training matches, from what the reports have said.

Finally, the Hiramoto red card might give Saito a second chance at redemption. I'm guessing Iio is going to be partnered with Basilio but I'd like to see Saito break through and get the third spot. Unless Mini Moto is completely healed, then I'd like to see him as the three.

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