Tuesday, April 04, 2006

My Skyperfect dream is dead!

Well........I put down 25,800 for a dish and skyperfect. The guys said they could install it for 15,000 more............I was hesitant but said OK. Then they said I'd need a special stand because I had no balcony.....that plus the cord would cost me another 15000 plus. Total so far 55,800 yen before I even saw one minute of TV and paid the fees. I STILL WAS GONNA DO IT! Then here comes the kicker, they said they wouldn't guarantee it. So I ask (through my friend) what happens if the dish falls down and breaks tonight when you guys leave..........56000 and nothing to show for it. They sucked on their teeth and said Sookana and finally begrudgingly said yeah. The guy was nice enough to give me my money back so no harm, no foul......but I won't be able to see over half the matches. As always......if you see the games, feel free to give me a report and I'll put it up.


So this isn't completely useless............Verdy's sattelite team has a game against Sagawa Kyubin Tokyo tomorrow at Iriki and Saturday against Kawasaki Frontale in Kawasaki.

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ガンバボーイ said...

That sounds quite familiar.