Thursday, February 23, 2006

Verdy:The College Years

Verdy squared off in two seperate matches against college squads yesterday. The morning match was against a fired up Kokushikan University bunch who held the men in green scoreless through the first half. In the second half Basilio scored late to salvage a win for the buzzards.

Yeah, I told the story blandly for a reason.....the game wasn't the real story yesterday. The real story was what happened at halftime between a fan and King Rui. According to Nikkan sports via babelfish, it seems the fan got a bit too verbose with the criticism of Verdy and Ramos got into a 5 minute verbal squabble. Nikkan sports says that the encounter ended on a happy note (Maybe Rui signed him to the squad because of his passion and spirit, player number 39. Nahh i'm kidding, but not really.) Ramos said in the postgame that the result was probably from fatigue.

The starting lineup for the Verdy squad

Takagi GK
Yanagisawa, Togawa, Hagimura, Fujita DF
Kanazawa, Ohashi, Ono, Nagai MF
Basilio, Hiramoto FW

In the afternoon match, Meikai University took their cracks at Verdy's second team and didn't fare so well. 9-0 Verdy.......Kazunori Iio and Ryosuke kijima both had a couple of scores in the blowout.

The afternoon crew

Kurokawa GK
Aoba, Dedimar, Uemura, Hayama DF
Sugawara, Mystery guest,Kuba,Tsurumaki MF
Iio, Kijima FW

The big mystery in these camps is the disappearance of Morimoto........I haven't seen anything saying he's hurt or disgruntled so I'm wondering why he hasn't been seen in awhile......he turns 18 this year so I wouldn't get too sour on him.

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Nick said...

Morimoto is probably at school Im guessing.