Wednesday, February 22, 2006

El Golazo! and the Verdy lineups

Our friends at El Golazo chime in with who they think will start for the buzzards in both J2 and the ACL

J2 Hiramoto and Basilio at FW
Ohashi, Sugawara, Ono, and Anailson at MF
Fujita, Hagimura, Dedimar, and Yanagisawa at DF
Takagi at GK

(In my January 20th column, I had them in a 3-4-3 formation with Hiramoto, Basilio, and Ono up top, Ohashi, Sugiwara, Nagai, and Anailson in the middle, Hagimura, Dedimar, and Tomisawa in the back and Takagi in goal)

ACL Morimoto and Kijima up top
Nagai, Kanazawa, Kina, and Hiroyama in the middle
Hayama, Togawa, Tomisawa, and Shigemitsu in D
Mizuhara in goal

It makes sense......the J2 squad is their strongest team and I think the ACL group would probably challenge for 8th or 9th in J2. I was worried he was going to do a divide and conquer thing in reverse but it looks like Rui has an actual plan that's coherent.

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