Thursday, February 16, 2006

Nagai wows em in Guam

Nikkan sports has a nice blurb singing the praises of the oldest Verdian, Hideki Nagai. It seems President Nagai (the nickname his teammates have bestowed upon him) has notched a couple of assists in the Albirex and Omiya matches. The 35 year old Nagai is making a push to be in the middle 4 on opening day. Rui Ramos called him a passing genius (babelfish translation).

I swear if Verdy gets promoted or wins the ACL because of this guy, NTV will make a 2 hour drama out of this with one of the SMAP guys as Nagai and that chick from JO'O no Kyoshitsu as a sassy and tough reporter who has a iron venner but a heart that melts after SMAP Nagai wisecracks, cries, and scores his way into her soul.

My count says there's 38 players on Verdy 69's roster at the moment.......that's enough for 2 complete teams........considering they will at least 55 games, I'm guessing Nagai will see alot of action.

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