Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Verdy took on their second orange and blue clad J1 squad in three days when they played a double header against Albirex Niigata. Like the games against Omiya, Verdy dropped the morning match and tied the afternoon game.

The morning match ended 2-1......Kurokawa was in goal with a team similar to the morning game against Omiya. Kijima netted Verdy's only score in the 42nd minute.
The afternoon match saw a Hiramoto sighting! He came in as a sub in the second half and put in a score!!!!!!!!!!

There's some more training before the team heads home and concentrates on the upcoming season.

Kijima in the morning game just tryin hard
Ono being Captainly (Is captainly a word? It should be!)

ACL TIDBIT Tokyo Verdy 1969 parent company NTV has decided to remove the Cyberagent ads on the front of Verdy's unis for the champions league matches and go with their own NTV logo for the games. The Reason: TV Asahi is the exclusive broadcaster of the ACL and NTV (reasonably) doesn't want their product on another channel without some sort of compensation. Hence the free advertising on TV Asahi. I agree with the move's a bit petty but so what?

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