Friday, February 24, 2006

Too smart by half

I've been trying to analyse every move, action, inaction, and perceived slight that goes on with the decision making of Rui and team green. I'm afraid I got caught up in too much conspiracy and not enough common sense. I opined yesterday about the lack of young Mr. Morimoto and I felt pretty proud of myself for bemoaning the lack of opportunity or action for the lad. Today, I check the message moderation system (I have it on moderate mode so Viagra ads and Nigerian "ambassadors" with 10 million dollars and no one to give it to won't flood the board) and there's the answer.......plain as day. Nick (the genius behind the "Dandelion" nickname) posts, "Maybe He's finishing school (paraphrased)". 17 year old, Senior year, has a life besides soccer........Damn, I'm stupid!

Anyway, Thank you Nick for pointing out life besides soccer.

Weekly Soccer Magazine also put out it's big old J League Who's Who for runs 600 yen here in Japan......If you have a kinokuniya or other Japanese book store in your country it will probably be about 10 dollars US. Pounds, Loonies and other denominations are a complete mystery to me so I can't tell ya. I love this magazine.......I swear it was like Christmas on tuesday when I saw the thing on the was up to date on the Verdy player acquisitions as well........amazing timing for things that happened only a week before. Usually with the big previews, they don't catch the latest transactions because they have everything laid out and printed and there's a deadline. If you get the chance, pick it up!

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