Friday, January 25, 2008

Well 2008 and it seems that Verdy really enjoy monochrome. The home unis are pretty much the same save the absence of cyberagent on the front.
The all-yellow isn't my favorite. Last year's blue was excellent. This year kinda is a let down.
Here is a pic of Fukunishi sporting green
Leandro in white. I don't mind the white look but last years road uniform was something special. One thing we learned is that Leandro is very short.

Finally the pink is back and we know how Takagi responds to pink. The orange piping makes this the most hideous keeper kit since last year's Omiya Samon jubilee. This year it's Krappa.


Nick said...

What a shite kit!! The away is OK but the home is terrible.Boring,Boring,Boring!! Takagi must get to choose his kit.Goalkeeper Fantastico is back!! Im hoping Doi will be first pick but you never know....Ive checked out the fixtures and both away games I really wanted to go to are out cos of work. Urawa and Omiya are both impossible,though I can make Kawasaki,Kashiwa and JEF. looking forward to it all starting up again!! I reckon we are gonna be up against it from the word go. Kawasaki (with you know who....) and Kashima second up would not be who you`d want when we will be essentially trying to find our feet.
Id say avoiding a straight return to J2 has to be our realistic target (especially given our less than inspiring signings so far) and given this end, 2 points can be seen as a decent return from the first 2 games. Saying that 6 points in the bag and a ton of goals in the goals scored column would be nicer!! Im assuming Funakoshi (fresh from his corridor naming ceremony) and Iio are still around to foul things up?? Whatever happens, the time between December and March is damn boring so roll on kick off!!

-------------NipponBasse----------------- said...

Personally I liked the pink keeper kit:) then again, Im of the impression that pink shirts are for real men :P

Furtho said...

I actually really like the green kit - one of my favourites in the whole J-League.

UltraVerdy said...

The new kits are ok.

Vendo Thefastlane said...

I actually like it quite a bit. But then again I like Mito's new uniform which is being panned as well.

Ultranippon said...

I like the new kits! :)