Friday, February 01, 2008

Squad numbers and something different!

Finally, the team has released the uniform assignments for 2008. Here they are (* denotes new guy)

1. Yoichi Doi* GK
2. Kensuke Fukuda DF
3. Shigenori Hagimura DF
4. Takumi Wada* DF
5. Daisuke Nasu* DF
6. Tomo Sugawara MF
7. Leandro* FW
8. Kosei Shibasaki MF
10. Diego MF
11. Harutaka Ono MF (Captain)
13. Taira Inoue FW
14. Seitaro Tomisawa DF
16. Kazunori Iio FW
17. Yukio Tsuchiya DF
18. Koijiro Kaimoto DF
19. Yuzo Funakoshi FW
20. Nozomi Hiroyama MF
21. Yoshinari Takagi GK
23. Takashi Fukunishi* MF
24. Tsuyoshi Yoshitake MF
25. JUMBO Hiramoto* FW
26. Takahiro Shibasaki GK
27. Masaki Iida* DF
28. Sho Asuke* DF
29. Sho Miyasaka DF
31. Junpei Shinmura MF
32. Osama El Samni FW
33. Hiroki Kawano* MF
34. Tomoyuki Suzuki* GK

Some interesting omissions..........No Nagai or Silva.....which means that the team will try and bring in one more foreign player. Also of note, #9 is still open. A gentleman who donned the #9 shirt for Yokohama F Marinos last year is still without a team..........Takayuki Suzuki possibly signing?


If your looking at the picture and thinking to yourself, "Damn, Ueslei put on some weight in the offseason!" you are a tiny bit off. Oita unveiled their new mascot whose name I don't really friggin care to know. I guess it was originally supposed to be a turtle, but the Dr. Moreau inspired designer went horribly, horribly wrong and came up with this blue and white piece of fecal matter. I hate Oita. Can't wait to see what kind of abortion FC Tokyo puts out there.

Speaking of plans gone awry, the little team from Yokohama have entrusted former Verdy head man and perennial relegation victim Takuya Yamada with the title of Captain for the 2008 season. The good news is that Yokohama can't be relegated. There is always bankruptcy though so don't breathe so easily yet.


Nick said...

Just as worryingly, who (and while we are at it WHY the !!**????) is the lardy salaryman tango-ing with the young lad on the right??
We have seemingly missed out on one complete no mark striker (Yanagisawa HURRAH!!) lets hope our luck holds out and we don`t get another,Suzuki. A "defensive striker"?? An ace way of describing crap and doesn`t score?? No ta.

Nick said...

I`m sure we`d all rather sign someone on a free transfer and not score than pay big bucks for someone not to score. :)

Ultranippon said...

I have read that Takayuki Suzuki moves to Chivas USA, I will be very happy if he goes to USA because I hate him xD

Silva is a good player with a lot of speed and a good pass but I think there are a lot of players who can play in his position such as Hiroyama, Iio and I think Inoue and Leandro or Kawano.

See you and don't forget Hattori xD