Wednesday, January 16, 2008

2 players go down...or up.


1. Yes, we have a schedule.....or at least part of one. Those wacky guys in the J League scheduling department decided it would be groovy to have an old fashioned grudge match for Verdy's first game back. So Verdy gets to go back to where it all began for their first game in the big show........that's right, Verdy goes to Kawasaki! March 9th the green boys get to face Hulk, Masato Ohashi and Shinya Yoshihara in what could be an epic battle......or a Globetrotters/Washington Generals match......Who knows.

The Home opener sees Verdy take on Defending Champions Kahima and old friend Marquinios on the 15th. SUPER! the league must not like Tokyo having two teams in J1.

For the second straight year, J1 Champs will take on the cream of the J2 crop as Consadole takes a trip south to Kashima for their opener.

Taisei Fujita accepted a contract to play for Tokushima Vortis. Fujita only appeared in 10 games but I was impressed with him for the most part. I think Vortis will be a good situation for him.
AL BANGURA UPDATE: An arbitration panel ruled that Bangura offers enough to English Society to be granted a work permit. It's good news for now, but Bangura is still not quite out of the woods yet. He still needs to get a more permanent status before we can stop worrying. But great news nonetheless. Here's hoping he can stay for good.

Finally, Adieu to Kento Tsurumaki who takes a 1 year trip north to Mito Hollyhock in hopes of getting some playing time. Tsurumaki last appeared with recent JFL promotees Fagiano Okayama, appearing in 19 games and notching 5 goals. Tsurumaki is just 20 years old so this could be a really good thing for the kid.

BTW.......Here is a list of all the home openers for J1 and J2

Go Thespa!


Endo said...

two hard games for you just at the beginning

good luck!

Vendo Thefastlane said...

I met Tsurumaki yesterday and will probably do so again today. Nice kid. I like the idea of the supporters all chanting "Kento", so I hope he plays in many home games!