Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The new target

Well, it's official.......the WSM list has been blown to smithereens. According to the Sponichi Annex of sports and soft core pornography (ohhhh, the classic is back...but seriously they advertise copius amounts of porn on that site), talks with Yasuhiro Hato have broken down and their sights are now set on Shimizu S Pulse man and former Takagi protege, Takumi Wada. Wada appeared in 23 games for Yokohama FC before Julio Real took over and decided he wasn't worthy of playing. How'd that work ou Julio?

In other news, Sports Hochi has Atsushi Yanagisawa joining up with the newly promoted Kyoto Sanga and not joining Verdy.

Our friend Gora has a mock up of Yanagisawa in purple here
The Hochi article is here


Rumors are that alot of changes are in store for the always underwhelming Nagoya Grampus not 8. Watch in a couple days and you might see this man sign for the Grampusistas
Also look for Oita DF Takashi Miki to head north to Nagoya. I looked at the magic site so put money on it.

Finally.......I have been very impressed with J2 squad Shonan Bellmare and their moves. Not only did they add 16 goal scorer Lincoln from Avispa, they also added Yoshiro Abe from FC Tokyo via Kashiwa Reysol as well as two young guns from Urawa in MF Shunsuke Oyama (46 games for Ehime) and MF Yuya Nakamura. Also coming in are DF Kohei Usui who appeared in 27 games for Montedio and Niigata DF Hikaru Mita, who fell out of favor after starting the lions share of games for Niigata in 2006.

Amongst all the talk of Sanfrecce coming back with a super squad, Cerezo coming in with the young guns, and Avispa and Vegalta reloading, it would be wise not to overlook a team that was not too far away from promotion.

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