Friday, January 11, 2008

Kazuki's new diet plan?

Sponichi Annex spotted erstwhile Verdy superstriker at the Yomiuri training grounds this week. The report states that Hiramoto needs to lose 5 kilos before the start of the new campaign or, like me, he will find himself sitting on his ample derriere. The always generous CyberAgent have offered to help Hiramoto lose weight by lightening his wallet. Sponichi reports that Hiramotos donut money will drop from 210,000,000 yen to a paltry 60,000,000 yen......a 72% paycut.
As expected Yokohama Central Defender Daisuke Nasu has joined Verdy. Nasu played 6 years for Yokohama before falling out of favor. He will be expected to slot in the always dangerous slot next to Yukio Tsuchiya because it seems nobody has been capable of consistently playing there.

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