Friday, July 13, 2007

Weekly wrap

Getting close to Vacation time for Soilent Green (3 weeks in Beckham Valley) So here you go.....


I was in attendance last year as two Brazilian players went down from J1 to J2. Tokyo Verdy had just acquired the services of longtime veteran midfielder Marcus from high flying Kawasaki Frontale. Yokohama FC picked up the services of a young mercurial striker by the name of Alemao from soon to be relegated Kyoto Sanga. On a rain soaked summer night in Yokohama, neither did a damn thing as both teams wallowed in a 0-0 slog.

Marcus would struggle through the rest of the year, hovering between injury, erratic play, and aging legs. Alemao meanwhile, would tear the league apart, scoring about a goal a game and putting the offense of the little blue squad from Yokohama on his narrow shoulders. Irritating to watch at times, theatrical and annoying, there was no doubt about the young man's talent. He wasn't my favorite player but he was impressive.

The close of the season would find both men leaving their squads......Alemao to Vasco De Gama, and Marcus to Yokohama. Last week saw the two intertwined again. Marcus would see the end of his J league career after a disappointing end. Alemao saw the end of his life. While driving in a suburb of Rio De Janiero, Alemao crashed his car and died. He was 23 years old, far too young to be in the grave.

Our friend Cesare wrote a moving piece about the young striker on his Kyoto blog

Here's hoping you and your family find peace, Alemao.


Shinya Yoshihara is out for 6 weeks after getting banged up in the game against Cerezo. That's why you bring in a couple good keepers.


Hulkamania ran wild in Sendai as the green machine thumped Vegalta on the road 4-1. One of the few bright spots in the Rui era has been the domination of the Sendai side. Verdy now holds a 5-1-1 record against the hawks. Call it Tsunami's revenge......(Speaking of which, 2-0-0 against Cerezo as well)


Hagimura is out......back three of Ichiyanagi, Togawa, and Tomisawa with Ono and Sugayama in the middle and Takagi in net, Hattori and Kaimoto on the wings

Could be a shootout.

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Alemao was playing in Palmeiras from São Paulo