Saturday, July 07, 2007

J2's upcoming crisis

Next year will see the inclusion of up to 3 more teams into the ranks of J2. While the number of squads has made for a tidy if bit long 48 game schedule, the addition of 2 more teams could throw a huge monkey wrench into the works. 15 teams would mean the loss of 18 games on the schedule, down to a paltry 28 games. Lacking a cup situation would mean loss of revenue and less chances for players to see meaningful playing time.

Therefore Soilent Green proposes something completely different and possibly really stupid......the two tiered season.

Unlike the two stage mess that was in the J league, this two tiered system would have a purpose........

STEP 1- The 28 game preliminaries
STEP 2- The final rounds
Each team would get a home and home series against every opponent in J2. At the end of the 28 game season teams would be classified into two groups......the promotion group and the cup group. The promotion group (top 8) would play another 14 game home and home set against the other 7 top finishers. The cup group (bottom 7) would play a 12 game set against the other also rans in their group. Instead of promotion, the cup group would play for a monetary prize and a cup, so even the smallest fish could have dreams of winning something.

Scheduling would be a difficulty, arranging travel plans and putting out advertisements would be done on an unfortunate truncated schedule. However, every team has a competition to play in so venues could be reserved at the start of the the season.

The second problem with this is the age old question of cheapening the season versus making every game count. Don't know where I stand when it comes to this. I don't mind playoffs, especially since the Colaship and other various leagues have a playoff system in place in relation to promotion. The one problem I do see with this is the devaluing of performance in the earlier stages. Kashiwa had a monster start last year and a bit of a dropoff in form near the end. In my scenario, a loss in form could doom a team who consistently performed well during a majority of the season.

Just a thought.....all I know is Thespa vs Tokushima is Booooooooring right now!


Aaron said...

Steve - that's not David the "Superfan" is it?

SMB said...

Yes it is the same......during the strike he got liquored up and bought a Verdy shirt

Aaron said...

Is he back again?

SMB said...

Yeah......he was at the Albirex game. Him and the missus went to Vietnam for Asian cup

Vendo Thefastlane said...

I would think it wouldn't be too rough next year, especially if many more teams can enter. Thoretically it could be 4 teams if Tochigi and/or Tottori get their acts together or Yokogawa Musashino changes status to enter J2 as they said they would if given the chance.

If only one team enters J2, it's only 4 more weekday nights a year. 8 for two teams. Any more and J2 would likely just enter the Nabisco Cup as it used to.

I'm sure the league has already set up all possible scenarios until it reaches its stated goal of 18 teams in each division.

nanbanjingumi said...

According to my sources, if the teams will go up to 15, there will be three rounds, for a total of 42 games per team. Not too bad,