Sunday, July 29, 2007

Soilent Green American Style!

Still haven't seen David Beckham play yet but I have been watching some good footy

MLS-FMF Superliga has been everything the A3 championships aren't....good hard fought matches providing entertainment and controversy. Shockingly, CONCACAF club champion and COPA somethin or other champs Pachuca find themselves at the bottom of their group after two disappointing results to MLS squads Galaxy and FC Dallas......meanwhile The Urawa Reds of Mexico, CD Chivas Guadalajara and their merry band of urine throwers find themselves on top of their group after a controversial hand ball goal and dives aplenty.

Meanwhile, Tokyo Verdy had an up and down week, beating the snot outta Cerezo Osaka 4-0. Last night, Verdy went back to the scene of the early season collapse which nearly cost them their season. Like the fateful game in Fukuoka, Rui Ramos chose to start my least favorite player and constant rally killer Kaz Iio, like in that match Iio failed to generate any offense, and like that match Verdy lost 2-1. No Hulk, so Iio probably wasn't first selection but Taira Inoue couldn't do the job?

Another note....check out the Verdy Blog linked on the site and scroll down a bit..........looks like old Verdy forward and resident Urawa crybaby Wahhhhhhshington turned up at Nishigaoka to see his old team crush Cerezo

Speaking of Cerezo, Satoshi Tsunami got hired to assist to the Japan U-16 National Squad....Good Luck to the big man.

Finally Ivica Osim needs to look for a new job after that Abortion of a coaching job he pulled in the Asian Cup.......Seriously, is everything JEF Chiba affiliated with crap right now? Maybe JEF reserves are allright but the rest of it is sinking fast. Hurry up and die already, do the right thing and let yourself get relegated.

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