Friday, July 20, 2007

Hulk in Samurai Blue?

 東京Vのブラジル人FWフッキが20日、日本への帰化と日本代表への思いを口にした。日本語はまったく話せないが「日本代表? それも選択肢の一つ。日本代表のユニホームを着てプレーしたい」。フッキは前節14日の山形戦(西が丘)では終了間際に同点ゴールを決めるなど18得点でJ2得点王。

Sankei Sports is reporting that Hulk would like to obtain Japanese Citizenship even though he doesn't speak the greatest Japanese. While the outcome doesn't look likely and probably would take a looooooong time if it ever happened, it would solve some problems up top for the Japanese National Team.


Tokyo Verdy brought back Verdy legend Satoshi Tsunami as a special advisor. Good move and classy. Here's hoping he helps.


I mistakenly reported that Alemao was at Vasco De Gama at the time of his death.....He was actually a member of of the readers pointed that out to me, Thank You and Mea Culpa.


I'm headed back to the Land of Dog Fights and Steroids tomorrow so I will be erratic in my posting.......just like now so no real difference. Have a good summer and stay safe!

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Ultranippon13 said...

It would be good! Tha national team haven't goal as we could see in the last Asian Cup.

Although I think not only need a great FW, but also a speedy MF (maybe Hattori or Fujita :D) with a good pass.

Osim's team play too slow, Kaji and Komano were too bad and there was a lot of players of JEF who are shit :) as Maki, Yamagishi or Hanyu. Where is Okubo, Sugimoto, Takamatsu, maybe the young Yano??

See you!