Friday, July 06, 2007

Lucky 7

To start this week's edition of Soilent Green, we start with the long awaited arrival of FOSG Jesse Fink's book on the socceroos and former Yomiuri FC goalkeeper Dennis Boland. Titled 15 days in June, it details the rise of a new power in Asian football. I've gotten through the first three chapters and it is a fast and interesting read. Not sure where you can buy it in Japan or Europe..(probably Amazon or E-Bay). Anyhow, congratulations on the new book Jesseand here's hoping you come to Japan and write 1 and a half long damn years in Tokyo.....How Rui messed up a sure thing!
Today, Verdy ventures to Ibaraki prefecture to take on Vendo's own Mito Hollyhock. posted this as the potential lineup, and it seems that there is an Albirex tinge to the lineup. The key to the game will be effective counter-attacking, Mito love to push the ball lately and a hawk like Hulk could put his stamp on the game.

Three Brazilians, Hulk and Diego for Verdy and new signing Biju for Mito did not appear in the last contest. Another thing in Verdy's favor is the fact that last year the teams split the season series two apiece with road teams winning all the games.

Reversal of fortune? Possibly.


Well, as of today there is still no movement on the transfer of Atsuhiro Miura. Spots Hochi has thrown Yokohama FC back into the mix in regards to making a move on the longtime pro. Makes sense, considering he was one of the best players in Flugel history and has connections up the ying yang to the Yokohama squad.

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