Saturday, May 06, 2006

More from Nick

You know him, you love him, the outspoken Verdy fan from (I guess) Eng-er-land.............without further ado......NICK!

Nick has left a new comment on your post "180 minutes-Ehime FC vs TOKYO VERDY 1969": Saw the game on TV yesterday and we had a repeat of last time these two teams met.Boring! Boring! Boring! A very poor showing from Verdy the only player to have a good game was Takagi!! He kept us in the game especially in the second half.He must have had 4 or 5 one on ones with the opposition and he stopped all of them!! Great performance by the man in pink!!Very assured and boy was he ragging on his defenders. Defenders were nowhere again,Fujita was inches away from putting into his own net when under no pressure from anybody,the ball came over from the left there were no Orange attackers in the box but he still felt it nessecary to sidefoot it away to "safety",unfortunately he scuffed it and it rolled a couple of inches past the post!! (still reckon the tape recordng strapped to a cardboard lion is a viable option...) First half we were very poor,created a few half chances,Hiramoto nearly had the ball in the net but it was cleared off the line,Saito ran about a lot but didn`t get much of a sniff. Second half Anailson and Nagai came on and things improved a little we carried a bit more of a threat but again not much. Ehime were coming forward more and more and as I say we would have lost by 3 or 4 if not for Takagi!! Have to get a result against Yokohama next week.Onwards and Upwards the Boys march on!!

Wow.......TAKAGI is the man of the match! Thanks much for the report, Nick!

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