Saturday, May 06, 2006

180 minutes-Ehime FC vs TOKYO VERDY 1969

Ahhh yes, finally the rematch that everybody was waiting for has happened..............GHHHHH. Actually, the March affair was actually one of the more boring games in the league to date, but they scheduled it again, so here is the report!

SIDE NOTE: Our friend Depflight at Lost in Translation has a wonderful post on cartoonist Tatsuki Nohda, the man behind the mikan! You can see it here:

Ehime FC came in sitting in 9th place. The Mighty Mikan came off of two consecutive ties to bottom table squads Thespa Kusatsu and Montedio Yamagata. Tokyo Verdy meanwhile returned to Japan yesterday after an unsuccessful ACL roadtrip to Ulsan.

Enough about the past, lets get to this Citrusy sweet smorgasbord of soccer.....Bon Appetit!


GK 35 Yusuke Kawakita
DF 15 . Ryota Moriwaki 5. Shingo Hoshino 7.Tomoya Kanamori 13.Eigo Sekine
MF 23. Hideto Inoue 25. Yojiro Takahagi 27. Minoru Suganuma 8. Kazuhisa Hanaoka
FW 33. Toshiya Tanaka, 24 Yuki Tamura
SUBS: FW 22 Hirokazu Otsubo (65min Tanaka), 19 Yuya Nagatomi (72min Tamura), MF 18 Kenichi Ego (89 min Suganuma)


GK 21 Takagi
DF 2 Hagimura,3 Fujita, 4 Togawa, 20 Hiroyama
MF 7 Ohashi, 32 Kuba, 23 Nejime, 11 Ono
FW 25 Hiramoto, 39 Saito

SUBS: MF 10 Anailson (Half-Ohashi), 8 Nagai (Half-Kuba), FW 9 Basilio (66 min Hiroyama)
GK 1 Mizuhara, MF 15 Kanazawa


Really not much to the first game, there were no bookings. No goals. For either side. Again, Ehime had the shot edge and from the stats, it looks like they controlled the game flow. 0-0 draw, the most hated score in soccer!


It looks like a very tired squad came into Ehime and did just enough to steal a point on the road. It's not really fair to evaluate what happened considering they were coming off an international trip. I'll just say good job to the defense for preserving the shutout.

Basilio made an appearance...................that's a good sign. it looks like Verdy went to a 3-4-3 late in the game, pulling Hiroyama and having Basilio go up top with Saito and Hiramoto. It might be a posibility with the return of Morimoto that the 3-4-3 is used, at least in late game situations. It is a classic conundrum to choose between putting your best 11 on the field or shoring up a weak spot with an extra player. Personally, I prefer the 4-4-2, especially since Verdy has had trouble in the back but if a choice is between Fujita or Morimoto.........well, let's just say I'm glad I don't have a bad perm right now!

Dedimar made an appearance in the ACL but got dropped for the Ehime game, Iio and Aoba as well. Again, tired squad so I can't make too much of this.

After 1/4 of the season......Verdy finds themselves firmly in 4th at 22 points.

A rough patch awaits as Yokohama FC visits on May 10th to Ajinomoto stadium.

I'll try and catch that game on NTV at 2 am, Thursday morning! If you have a game report let me know!

UPDATE/OFF TOPIC: Our friend Masa at Masa-Net reappeared today.........he's been busy but he's not gone! Great news indeed!

The curse of the ratings continue! Vegalta tied Bellmare 2-2 and Mito scorched Consadole Sapporo 3-1.......It always happens!

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