Thursday, May 25, 2006

What do Peter Cetera ballads and the current Verdy losing streak have in common?

Answer: They both suck and it seems like they'll never stop. Verdy went to Tokushima to play Vortis................the bottom dwelling Tokushima Vortis. 10 game unsuccessful streak Vortis....500+ minutes of no goal Vortis.....Jun Tamano can't play for this team Vortis.

Anyhow Jun Tamano and Silvinho led Tokushima against yet another starting 11.


GK Takagi
DF Sugawara, Fujita, Hagimura, Togawa
MF Ohashi, Nejime, Ono, Kuba
FW Basilio, Saito

Subs:Maatsura, Anailson, Nagai

No Hiramoto for this one.....Morimoto was also absent due to Japan U-19 duty in India. Anyhow the breakdown was 17 shots/5 Corners/28 Free kicks for Verdy 8 shots/1 corner/9 free kicks for Vortis........AND THEY STILL LOST 2-0!!!!!!

Hey 474 minutes and counting......HELLO!!!!!!!! Are you hearing me, Ruy? STOP MESSING WITH THE LINEUP EVERY GAME!!!!!!!!!

Basilio was held without a shot. Maatasura and Saito seemed to get chances together. Ono got a quick hook...............Silvinho got both scores for TVortis.

Anyhow..........Verdy plays Bellmare at Nishigaoka on Saturday, maybe they can recover the magic of the Sapporo game. 0-1-5 1pt no goals in the month of May. It's getting ugly.

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MASA said...

Hey,what's up? You must go to Tachikawa city in June, cus Verdy's event in the building of "Alealea" (in front of the south-gate of the Tachikawa station) will be held during the month.