Saturday, February 02, 2008

Preseason Shenanigans!

Camp schedule is out and ooooooh it looks fun

Verdy will have preseason matches against the cream of J2, regional leagues and college teams. Surprisingly, not J1 squad is on the slate.


2-7 vs Miyasaki University of something or other
2-9 preseason match vs Roasso Kumamoto
2-11 vs Ventforet Kofu
2-14 vs Tokushima Verdy......err Vortis
2-15 vs V Varen Nagasaki
2-17 vs Avispa Fukuoka

Verdy Beats on the Brats

The big boys took on their little brothers in a friendly and were victorious 5-0 in a 2x35 game

The first half saw Verdy field a squad of

Hiramoto and Funakoshi up top

Ono at the point

Hiroyama and Wada on the wings

Hattori and Fukunishi in the d mid position

Nasu, Hagimura, and Tsuchiya as the back 3

and Doi in goal

Hiramoto notched the first goal of the new preseason

In half 2, the team switched to a 3-4-3

Osama was up top with Iio and Inoue in support

Yoshitake and Fukuda played as wings

Sugawara and a student were in the middle

Miyasaka, Tomisawa, and Shinmura all teamed in the back

Takagi played keeper

Inoue and Osama both put up a brace to end the scoring at 5-0.

Now, if you remember last year, Hashiratani toyed with the 3 back setup as coach of the sattelite team. And for the most part it was successful in a shor period of time. Considering the pieces in place at the moment and the plethora of options at mid, it seems to be a wise decision to pursue a 3-5-2. Nasu, Hagimura and Tsuchiya all have experience playing in a 3 back system and the flexibility allows Diego to play as an attacking mid with the two former Jubilo men as anchors.

I'm guessing opening day might look like this

Leandro Hiramoto


Hiroyama Wada/Iio

Hattori Furuhashi
Nasu Hagimura Tsuchiya


Bench: Inoue, Funakoshi,Ono, Shibasaki, Kaimoto, Tomisawa, Iio/Wada, Takagi


Ultranippon said...

I like this 11 and in the bench we have good players also :)

See you!

UltraVerdy said...

Good players in this starting eleven!
I hope Leandro will make a great job on the attack.

cicciput said...

2/23 Verdy-Sanga, 1:00pm at Verdy's club house... :oO