Thursday, November 30, 2006

Is the bloodletting about to begin?

I'll get to the cuts of other squads later but just moments ago Verdy released a list of 11 players who will not be getting renewed contracts for the upcoming adding Hayama, I can make a starting 11 of Verdy cuts

Lets begin!

GK Hiroki "The Cat" Mizuhara

DF Yukihiro Aoba Masayuki Yanagisawa Takumi Hayama

MF Yuhei Ono Shingo Nejime

Masatomo Kuba Tetsuhiro Kina
Jun Tamano

FW Koji Maatsura Ryosuke Kijima

And backup keeper GK Satoshi Tokizawa

Let's start out with the predictable- Along with the retirement of Hayama, the purge of players such as Tamano, Maatsura and Yuhei Ono were fairly predictable because A. They were on loans to clubs worse than Verdy and B. They weren't performing well......although Tamano has picked up his game as of late. Masayuki Yanagisawa never really saw the field after sustaining and early season injury and while he was in, he was average at best. Ryosuke Kijima is another player who never really saw any time with the first team.

The disappointed group starts with Masatomo Kuba. Of all the players cut, I believe he had the potential to be decent, but his lack of consistency killed him. Yukihiro Aoba was good in the back at times but never claimed a spot that was easily available. Shingo Nejime was the other young mid that had flashes of good play but getting beaten out by Kanazawa and Sugawara in the midfield sealed his fate. Finally I would have liked to see Satoshi Tokizawa get a game in the nets but alas it was not to be. Tokizawa, Kuba, and Nejime are all young guys who should get picked up by a team needing depth like Thespa or Ehime, or an enterprising JFL squad looking to advance to the big time.

Finally, my estatic drops are the innefective Mizuhara and the eye bleeding mangler known as Tetsuhiro Kina. You can see the "Highlights" of Mizuhara versus Sagan Tosu here

Tetsuhiro Kina is a big shocker for me considering he always managed to slither his way back onto Ruy's lineup card.....The guy was all hustle but his lack of instincts and talent deficiency made it hard on the eye. It also seemed that he had a knack to start scoring rallies......for the other team. That leaves a more manageable 31 left on the squad.........but if you think the signings and cuts are done........You're crazy!



Nick said...

I am happy that Mizuhara has gone as I said before,if that guy ever played again!! He must be chuffed that the biggest howler ever seen by a goalie is now watchable all over the world and will no doubt be on every blooper vid in time for christmas!! Ah the joys of modern technology.... about the match report,we were originally going to go to "stinky town" for the last game but when I found out the Sapporo game was at Sapporo dome I chose there for our holiday....well it all finishes this weekend and the boredom begins until March.Lets hope we get a few of decent signings and i mean just a few!! I don`t want to see a repeat of last years fiasco and to be honest I don`t think we will.Heres to an 8-7 J League ripsnorter of a game for Saturday with Takagi to score a bicycle from the edge of the box in the 93rd minute to take the 3 points!!

SMB said...

boredom? This is my busiest time, blogwise........boredom is writing about a 1-1 draw to Mito that I didn't watch.

Do people actually go to Kusatsu for vacation?

Who do you think is the next to go? I think a Ze Luis announcement will be coming soon followed by something about the FW position.

Nick said...

Yeah, Kustsu has great onsens and is really picturesque.Well worth a visit if you can stand the smell of the sulphur coming from the hot springs.
Signings wise,Ive no idea who theyll go for.Ze Luis will depend on the extent of his injury.I would like to see him back,I think he can do a job at this level.Forwards,Im guessing Silva will stay and be first choice with Hiramoto.Saito as back up is a good option plus I think we need one more to be challenging the starting two.

Ultranippon (-Keitaro-) said...

I like Kuba and Aoba but the rest players were weak, its good to clean the team! I would like Verdy buy a defensive midfielder (and the return of Ze Luis) and a good forward for pressing Hiramoto and Silva.