Thursday, November 23, 2006

Ehhhhh.......not so much, Verdy vs Consadole Sapporo

Our man Nick was on the scene for Today's match against the 7th place Consadole Sapporo squad..............hopefully he will grace us with a report on the match.

Unfortunately, dear readers, you will have to bear with my pitiful little soliliquiy based on website reports and the Js Goal ticker.


GK Takagi
DF Kaimoto-Nagano-Togawa-Fujita

MF Tomisawa Kanazawa

Marcus Hirayama

FW Silva Hiramoto

By looking at the stats, it seems Verdy was overwhelmed under an attack led by the number #1 man on Ruy's wish list, Hulk................the man took an astounding 8 shots in todays game and judging by the looks of the scoreline, none were really that close. Meanwhile, Verdy had an attack led by Shin Kanazawa. Shin is my boy, I love the guy, but when Shin is putting up 5 shots, you know the team's offense is having some issues.

Scoring started in the 32nd minute when Shinya Aikawa put one in the net to open the scoring off what I believe was a rebound of a Hulk shot. Trying to shake things up, Rui brought in the always entertaining Tetsuhiro Kina who replaced Nagano. In the 72nd minute, Rui pulled main playmaker Marcus for the other half of the roadkill twins, Hideki Nagai. Finally in the 75th minute Martin Saito came on to try and salvage a result but it was all for naught as Verdy succumbed in the 89th minute off a death blow by GENKI NAKAYAMA. 2-0 final.

The last game of the home season comes for Verdy on the 26th at historic Tokyo National Stadium. I will be watching Cerezo versus Omiya in nearby Saitama but I will have a report on the game after I watch the replay at the godawful hour of 3am.

Come Home Exotic Terminator

Today's action saw the mighty squirrels of Omiya overcome a flagging Oita side to win 2-1 and guarantee J1 participation for the next year. Yoshiyuki Kobayashi scored the tying goal for Omiya. That means that Cerezo Osaka has two choices, win out and hope they can succeed against the third place squad from J2 or watch their fan base wither away like a certain team in green. Verdy's former captain, Takuya Yamada saw a drop in his performance this year as the leagues second worst defense has hovered around the gallows of J1 ineptitude.

One has to wonder if El Capitan would have helped to ensure promotion this year for Verdy had he stuck around. Verdy has gone through D Midfielders like Kappa Zushi goes through stale maguro and Yamada has barely seen the field in a starters role. While the speed is starting to go, the ability to lead from the back and organize are still there and one would think that a mid-table squad looking to regain former glory would be the perfect place for a guy looking to prolong his career just a bit longer. Because the alternatives for ET aren't gonna be pretty.

Takuya Yamada with the captains band? I could live with it. Takuya Yamada getting 4 minutes for a 13th place Sanfrecce Hiroshima next year? Not so much.

Avispa Fukuoka is still fighting, knotting up with 2nd place Gamba Osaka in a gutty little affair. How bad is the offense for Fukuoka? Kazunori Iio is the leading scorer with 4 goals.

Kyoto Purple Sanga lost to Jubilo 3-1 and now sit 5 points behind Cerezo with 2 games to play. Welcome back Purple People!

Yokohama FC knotted up with bottom barrel Tokushima Vortis 0-0 in a home match. Thespa Kusatsu bailed out team Kazu by knotting up Vissel Kobe 1-1. If Kobe falls to the playoff position they can look no further than 12th place Kusatsu for the blame. TK has managed to take 7 points off the Rakuten flagship. But the most disappointing result has to fall to Kashiwa who after winning 2 and tying one against 3 of the top 5 in the league, dropped a 1-0 decision to Montedio Yamagata. Kashiwa has two against Consadole and Shonan........Vissel faces off against Shonan and Sendai.....Yokohama goes up against Sagan and Ehime in a rematch of the season opener which caused the dismissal of their coach and a change in fortunes which have rocked J2. Verdy has to hope that Vissel and Kashiwa go considering the thumpings handed out to them this year.

That's all......Happy Japanese Labor Thanksgiving!


-Keitaro- said...

Uhh Verdy needs a defensive midfielder! maybe like Yamada but I hate him, altough he was our "capitan" he went out to Cerezo when Verdy went to second division.

We need something as Edmilson the FC Barcelona's player (a defensive midfielder who also has creativity for making counter-attacks).

PD: I like also Hulk :p , Hulk is green, isn't it?? so... come here Hulk and wear the green jersey!

SMB said...

Ahhhhh......I don't hate the guy and I can't blame him for leaving because time in J1 is very short and he left for what was then a contender for the championship.

If Verdy signs Hulk, who should end up Silva a gonner? Or will Verdy go with more of a 4-3-3?

Nick said...

Ill report in tomorrow,Im off to the Sendai game....sucker for punishment!!

SMB said...

I'll take reports on both if you can spare em.......I'm going to watch Cerezo take on Mighty Omiya in the last home game of the year.

BTW....If you see the mouthbreathing contingent in red, tell em to give Washington and Soma back.

-Keitaro- said...

Silva ins't a bad player, he scored so many goals, the same as Hiramoto but excellent players are always welcome altough we need more a defensive midfielder.

SMB said...


I like Silva too.....I don't think Rui will keep him and sign Hulk unless he sells Hiramoto or cuts Marcus......his MO this season has been to have 2 offensive Brazilians and one defensive (i.e....Basilio/anailson----Dedimar) and (Marcus/Basilio-Silva-----Ze Luis) He just seemed to use Ze Luis in a more attacking role even though he was a d mid in Brazil.