Monday, November 06, 2006

Finally, a new signing

Seiji Sonoda has signed......finally.

El Golazo said it would happen and we believed we posted it in July

The Luther HS product has appeared for both the U-18 squad and the U-15 squad for Japan National Team. Small fella, 166 cm and 6o kg. Pretty small for a Defender so I imagine he's a branch player.

So by my count, that is 6 new prospects

Sonoda DF Luther HS*
Shibasaki MF Kokushikan University*
Shinmura MF Riseisha HS
Inoue FW Hosei University*
El Samni FW Verdy Youth
Fukuda DF Meiji University

(*Denotes National youth team experience)

Practice match versus Meiji University

Thursday saw Verdy go up against the young lads of Meiji in a 3 period 90 minute practice match. Little strange......anyhow they won 1-0 on a score by Hiroyama. The full squad participated with a couple of student trialists (Bruno, Leo, and a youngster from Korea). (Verdy G 196.9 blog......nice site!)

Finally, I picked up my ticket for the Verdy match at Yokohama FC.....probably my last Verdy match of the season in person. Possibly the most pathetic match I ever saw was in Yokohama.....what a snooze 0-0 borefest. Let's hope for something better!


-Keitaro- said...

Sonoda is little but if he is speed and agressive I think he can be better than Hagimura, and one question Steve, Nick... whats up with Iida? He seems to be a big good defender, Ramos likes him to be a almost in the bench? The same question I have make about Nagano, do you think he will go to Avispa?

I think the defensive line is the poorest of the squad, I think Verdy should buy a defensive midfielder. See you soon!

SMB said...

Sonoda would probably be played on the wings as a branch or they could convert him to a mid position. Nagano is a tough question......if Avispa gets relegated (which is what I think will happen) then I'm guessing Nagano goes back because the team is gonna get cannibalized by the rest of J1. Next year will be wide open in J2, especially if it's only Kyoto and Avispa get sent down and Yokohama stays.

Your right....the d line is lacking depth but I think the back 4 today, if they have a chance to stay together next year, would be decent.