Sunday, November 19, 2006

For your perusal.....

I have failed to mention these sites in the past and finally ot around to adding them to the link list but they deserve a bit of an introduction.......

Orange Blue- Nice site about Albirex Niigata, former home of good Verdy defender Koijiro Kaimoto and bad defender Shigenori Hagimura. Good site-Good guy!

Shrimp with Yokohama FC- If you want factoids about King Kazu and the rest of pale blue, this is your place. No in-depth coverage or opinions, which i'd like to see more of but it's a good site!

Consadole Ole!- Just found this one....about Sapporo and Spain? Interesting site......

Two Teams/One Ball- A site about Vegalta Sendai and Kawasaki Frontale. Counting Grampalogue, GGOA, and Masa-Net, that makes 9 teams are covered by English language sites. 22 more to go!!!!!!!!

Another site of interest is out of Australia

This site is run by Fox soccer journalist Jesse Fink. One of his readers had this to say about him Who the hell to you think you are Jesse Fink, your a nobody, who has done nothing
High praise indeed!!!!! Spelling nonwithstanding. I bring up Mr.Fink because he is writing a book about Australians overseas and includes a section on goalkeeper Dennis Boland, who played for Yomiuri Nippon FC in in the mid 70's...............the precursor to Today's Tokyo Verdy 1969. He also was gracious enough to send me some pictures of the old badge and team photos from the 70's which I will share with you once I get permission.

Anyhow, it's good to see that Australia has some quality media writing about their league. America unfortunately has to endure the error strewn bile of Fox America's Jamie Trecker..........First Bill O'Reilly and then Jamie Trecker.......Why do you hate us Rupert Murdoch?

Get to Writing Jesse.........I'm ready for a new book!!!!!!!


Aaron said...

Who do you think will go up Steve?
I'm hoping for Yokohama and Kashiwa.

Nick said...

Im hoping for Reysol and Kobe!! I can`t stand Kazu and also Yokohama is an easy to get to away match...It would be a shocker if Reysol didn`t get up after leading for soooooo long.

Aaron said...

I've been to Kashiwa before but not Mitsuzawa - I suppose I want Yokohama to go up for the same reason you want them to stay in J2!

SMB said...

I'd like all 3 to go up.....I think if Cerezo gets sent down, the buzzards around the league will pick them apart, ALA Verdy.I kind of root for bigger squads to get humiliated. Nagoya getting dropped would've been wonderful because it would have probably spurred Aichi into creating a second squad to compete with that excess of ego and hype.

Kobe looks pretty flat.....they have not played well since the 5-2 drubbing by Verdy. The other two squads seem hungrier to get in.

I also will enjoy watching the Yokohama Derby. It will be nice for all 20 of the former flugel fans to get their revenge. Although I hope Alemon gets a boot to the nose.

Either way....I'll be going back to Mitzuzawa for tortilla wrapped hotdogs!