Saturday, February 07, 2009

Welcome to the Neighborhood!

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First off, Verdy played FC Machida Zelvia in a trainer today and won 2-1 off of a brace by Leonard. Camp starts monday and they have a full slate with games against Thespa, Kashiwa, and Yokohama FC just to name a few.

We start off Soilent Green's barely trying preview of J2 with a visit to the 3 new kids on the block.

Kataller Toyama

Toyama was founded just two years ago, merging regional powerhouse clubs YKK AP and ALO's Hokuriku into one Toyama superclub. One year later, Kataller would find themselves promoted into J2 on the strength of a 3rd place finish. Unlike it's other promoted brethren, Toyama will stick with the core of the club that got them to J2.

The offense is led by the combination of striker Mitsuru Hasegawa and Hideyuki Ishida, who combined last year for 27 goals. Makoto Watanabe anchors the midfield.

A familiar face joins Kataller in defense with the addition of former Verdy defender Sho Asuke.

Not a lot of talent on this squad but it shouldn't matter in year 1.


Okayama has alot of similarities to their Toyama cohorts. They both entered JFL in 2007 and gained promotion to J2 in 2008. Okayama finished 4th, just grabbing the last promotion spot. Unlike Kataller, Okayama is not sitting still, bringing in 19 players with various levels of experience in the J2 game.

Fagiano will hope to put alot of goals in the net with a proloific trio of former Verdy man Kohei Kiyama (18 goals), Yasutaka Kobayashi (19 goals), and new signee Kohei Nishino (8 goals at Mito). You might remember Yuhei Ono and Naoki Mihara from their days on the Verdy practice fields.


Tochigi looks to be the strongest of the three debutants with a group of players on paper that boast a plethora of J league experience. The big signing was former Verdy DF Atsushi Yoneyama who looks to partner with another Verdy alum in captain Yusuke Sato in order to lock down the midfield. Manabu Wakabayashi comes home from Ehime to try and regain the touch that helped him lead the JFL in goals scored in 2005 before he was grabbed up by Omiya. Another Verdy OB is in between the pipes for Tochigi when dreadlocked shotstopper Kiyomitsu Kobari gets the nod.

Don't be too surprised if Tochigi is up near the top of the leader board midway through the season. they have a team of vets who have been through the wars before.


richy said...

Im guessing that Kataller will finish better than Tochigi.
Fagiano the bottom of the three though.
One thing that will probab ly hold Toyama back a bit is location. With Gifu being the nearest club at a mere 2 or 3 hrs away...

Anonymous said...

An alternative "Neighborhood" take...

Welcome to the Verdy neighbourhood!!!

Cody said...

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