Friday, October 03, 2008

Roadmap to Armageddon

Again possibly

This week's schedule has some interesting matchup has some interesting turns before the game against Nagoya tomorrow night at 6.

The first big matchup is Niigata vs Yokohama at Niigata. Niigata is on 35 points but has a terrible plus minus and has games coming up against Urawa, Kashima, FC Tokyo, and Gamba

Yokohama is on 34 and has been hot. A game between them and Verdy is coming up near the end of the season. So I'd say Yokohama winning is the best result for Verdy in this one.

Omiya hosts Kashiwa in another installment of the Noda line battle. Both teams are reeling so the winner will probably get a bit of a boost. Considering the next game is against Omiya, it might be in Verdy's best interest to root for Kashiwa. However, Kashiwa still does not have a win in the second half of the campaign ad they usually abuse Verdy so having them drop would be good too. So........tie??????

Vissel Kobe takes on Kyoto Sanga who is on the cusp of safety. Kobe got a result at Omiya and has a bit of momentum but still is very much in peril. Root very hard for Sanga in this one....Kobe is still vulnerable to the drop.


2 games occur at 2pm that have major implicatons

Urawa goes to Chiba to take on the yellow hot dogs and their ragtag bunch of misfits. For possibl the first time ever, I have to root for Urawa because Chiba is quickly snowballing out of relegation territory. A loss might send them in a funk. So Just this once......root for an Urawa win

Finally Jubilo takes on Consadole. Frankly if Jubilo drops this one, they are dead. I imagine that the refs won't let anything bad happen to the baby blues in this one but still it won't hurt to root hard for Consadole

So.......Verdy could be sitting adrift in 17th before even kicking a ball.........not great.

Other Diego closely......he is one yellow away to a two game vacation and that would be massively bad.

Anyhow.......Game on!


Anonymous said...

Urawa to win, anything in Kashiwa v Omiya is fine as someone will lose something, Consadole to hammer Jubilo. All we need is 15th place and that will do us!! Id take an away point before any of the other results have come in.Good thing for Verdy this week is that rivals are playing each other so people are gonna be losing points whichever way you look at it. Biggest results are Jef and Jubilo. If they both lose and we can put one over on Nagaoya (a big ask I know...) This could see us least for another week!!

SMB said...

The game I am interested in is Albirex-Yokohama. Albirex is really bad this year and I think if they drop a home game or 2 they are done. This one and Omiya are probably penciled in already as 6 points so they drop today they could be on the chopper

Anonymous said...

I don`t care so much about teams above us at the moment, JEF and Jubilo are all that matter!!
If the teams aboves results go our way, its a bonus but JEF and Jubilo are the first to look out for!!
Im still wondering where the 30,000 crowd came from last week??
Ill be interested to see the numbers next weekend!!

Ultranippon13 said...

I hope we can, at least, draw against Nagoya but it will be difficult. Lets hope Urawa and Consadole to take 3 points :).

See you nick and Steve!

UltraVerdy said...

We need a point at Nagoya. 6 games remaining after that.
C'mon Green Buzzards !
See u later guys.

UltraVerdy said...

Hello Boys in Green.
Good first half, 1-0 lead, goal scored by Tsuchiya (head) thanks to a Diego's corner kick.
C'mon Green Buzzards !
Sad news, Jef & Jubilo have won today...

UltraVerdy said...

Final Score 1-1. Johnsen equalise on the 93th mn... damn!
Difficult second half for us. But we loose 2 points today in my opinion...
Even if a draw is a good result at Nagoya, top of the league.

Anonymous said...

I said Id take a draw before the game after watching...F-words, B-words, C-words and combinations of all three spring to mind. Why is it that the second half of any game alwayds results in loads more injury time than the first??
First half 1 minute, second half 5 minutes my arse!!
Ive lost count of how many times we have dropped it in the last few seconds of a game...although of course the poetry against FC Tokyo goes against the rule for time eternal..If we play like we did today, we will be fine. Enough said. Next weekend is huge and do you know what?? I think we`ll do `em!! We were fired up today and played out of our skins, the draw against 2nd in the league felt like a loss. Cmon the boys!!

SMB said...

Verdy bunkered too early......not sure why he took out attackers for Tomisawa and Hagimura. I think he got too cautious too early and gave Nagoya a bit of life

The good news is Omiya is really poor. If Hato still has a job, I would put my fastest guy on that side of the field and run him into the ground.....not sure why Verdy was interested in the guy but he looks past it. I hate watching him play