Saturday, October 11, 2008

Purple rain

November will see the reemergence of Sanfrecce Hiroshima after the Newly Crowned J2 Champs dismantled Osaka Wayward gynecologecal and gastronomical beauticians University FC 6-0 in a rather easy walk over.

6 different Osaka players not named Hisato Sato notched goals in the contest.

The last time the teams squared off, Sanfrecce won 3-0 after Verdy was unable to find the net on 26 shots. the teams matched up for one other contest in 2005 and Sanfrecce won that one 4-1 as well. Sanfrecce goes into this game fully focused on Emperors Cup while Verdy must focus on staying alive.

Another fear is the resurgence of the Sanfrecce curse. The curse was broen last year when Sanfrecce dropped to J2 but it remains to be seen whether the curse reemerges with Sanfrecces promotion. Lose and Verdy might find out.

Tomorrow the Sattelites play their final match of the season against Montedio Yamagata.

Finall there was a Masaki Saito sighting at Yokohama as the rugged forward scored for Okinawa Kariyushi FC in their 2-1 loss to Yokohama FC. Soilent Greens all time favorite Verdy player deserves another shot in J2. I'm talking to you Tsunami!!!


Anonymous said...

Looks like were out of the Cup then....then again,you never know just when we are expected lose occasionally we cream someone!! Instead of being a victim of the Hiroshima curse, could be that Hiroshima will fall victim to the lesser known Verdy Magic!!
I`ve seen them beaten before. 2-0 Ajinomoto Stadium about 2003ish I reckon. A while ago granted,but beaten all the same.

Oldshirts said...

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UltraVerdy said...

Off Topic:

Great win over the Squirrels of Omiya.
VERDY 1-0, thanks to Diego !


Anonymous said...

Well, the 3 points came to us in the end and that is ALL that matters. Performance wise we were leagues below the Nagaoya game. Nervous, stuttering, shaky at the back and toothless up top.
Omiya dominated possesion for the first 60 minutes or so but rarely threatened the goal. We were very much on the backfoot but without Doi being seriously worked. Ezumi at the other end made a few nice saves and looks a more than reasonable stopper. I wouldn`t be surprised if someone came knocking to pick him up should Omiya go down. I wouldn`t mind seeing him between our sticks.....
The game was absolutely forgettable with both sides struggling to work up anything to get excited about. It looked like a 0-0er all the way but after 60 minutes or so the possesion switched to all Verdy. Again we couldn`t do much but on 80 mins Diego wriggled through and slotted into the bottom corner to s(t)eal the points and a couple of places up the table.
We are absolutely not out of the woods yet but now is as good a time as any to start picking up home wins and away draws. Roll on next week!! Its the nailbiting and exciting and I love it!!