Friday, October 24, 2008

Bad day so far

0-0 score but Tsuchiya leaves with a knock very early and Diego picks up a yellow that will sit him for 2 games.


UltraVerdy said...

0-0 Final score. A solid point for us.
Grampus & Jubilo 0-0 too.


Anonymous said...

Id have taken a draw before the start of play and on the balance of it, we just about deserved it. Sanga started brightly and got about us early. Then came a 20 minutes or so of play were Verdy were very much in the ascendancy, the best chance of the period came from an unlikely source. Created from non other than Sugawara??!!! A perfectly timed crunching challenge which on another day could have led to a red card (if he was a fraction later/earlier)let to a through pass to Hiroyama who slotted past the keeper, only for it to bounce back off the front of the post to Hiramoto whose shot was blocked somewhat heroically by the on coming defender. We were on top first half but with neither side REALLY doing much. Kyoto in fact had a better chance to open the scoring but could only hit the bar, much to our good fortune.
Yanagisawa has to get a mention somewhere along the way, I have often stated his uselessness but this season hes been in excellent form but luckily for us he had a BAD day. One header with just the keeper to beat and a snapshot that was miscued with just the keeper to beat. He DOES get in the positions but couldn`t apply the touch today. Sanga took the second half by a long way but couldn`t score so on we go to next week. Lets hope for a win for JEF tomorrow to push 17th place that little bit further back. (Apologies Steve)

SMB said...

No apologies necessary. If it was on the other foot I'd be pulling for JEF too. every team for themselves at this stage. I know JEF have been really hot but I think if they lose tomorrow the could fold up. It would be frustrating to string off a bunch of wins and then find yourself in danger after 1 loss.

I'm just hoping the don't score early so I'm not forced to watch 80 minutes of bunkerball. Cause they will put 10 men in the defensive box and play clearance all day long.

Anyhow good tie on the road even though they got a bit rattled after the yellow on Diego.

Anonymous said...

Excellent result for Omiya today, tighter than a gnats posterior at the "bottom" (100 per cent pun intended) end of the table. Still, from Marinos and lower no one is yet safe. Id say Vissel secured their spot for J1 this weekend, Marinos took a big step and Omiya kept their season very much alive. I thought a loss for them today would have spelled a trip downstairs for next year but they came up trumps.
Two home games on the spin against Kobe and already sunk Sapporo for the Greens. In these two games lie our best chance of J1 footy for next season. 2 wins will put enough of a gap between us and the trap door. Hopefully, we can do the business against Kobe while our relegation rivals (JEF,Jubilo and Omiya) have tough outings v Trinita, S-Pulse and Frontale respectively. The Future isn`t bloody Orange at`s feckin` Green I tells ya!!