Friday, March 28, 2008

You say goodbye, I say hello?

I hate the Beatles and if I never hear another song by them again it would be too soon.

Anyhow, Sports Hochi has a little blurb today saying that Verdy is very interested in the possibility of signing Hulk to the squad.

Two things standing in the way of signing the big man are the transfer fee of 5 big fat ones (problem) and the lack of a foreign spot (not a problem *COUGH*Francisimare*COUGH*)

The article said that Verdy will elaborate more today. The team would look much better with the big man in the lineup again.

Speaking of lineups, El Golazo picks these 11 for tomorrows game with Gamba

GK Doi

DF Hattori-Nasu-Tsuchiya-Wada

MF Hiroyama-Tomisawa-Fukunishi-Iio

MF Diego

FW (I guess) Leandro

Take a look for Inoue and Hiramoto to be on the bench and the team to switch to two top later in the game. Hiramoto scored 3 against the university squad they had a friendly against last week.

Anyhow, if things work out with Hulk..........we might see the last of the no shot offense.


Nick said...

As far as The Beatles go, back in England they were just a band who were around ages ago, wheeled out when some tv programme was harping on about the good old days, Harold Wilson, beer and sarnies in No.10 winning the World Cup, Kings Road was swinging (in the older sense of the word), however since coming to Japan Ive heard more Beatles music than in my entire life in the UK. The sooner Yoko Ono shuffles off this mortal coil the better in my book, hopefully this fantastic countrys obsession with all things Beatles will die with her.
As far as footy goes, if Hulk comes back I think I`ll go all religious and think there IS a bloke with a beard upstairs with a shitload of power.... not Ramos, not that bloke upstairs with a beard, the other one.

SMB said...

That reminds of the old joke

"What's the difference between God and Rui Ramos?......God doesn't think he's Rui Ramos!"