Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Deja Vu in Kawasaki?

A while ago, a team called Verdy Kawasaki left the Kanagawa city and headed for Tokyo. Yesterday, a man who for all intensive purposes WAS Verdy last year, packed up and left Kanagawa. Today, Hulk is the most sought after talent in the J League. 2 league ames into the season and the Brazilian has decided that the coupling of him with the rapidly aging Juninho wasn't in the cards. Playing out on the wing, rather than his natural middle position has left the mercurial striker in a very foul mood.

Speculation has already started as to where the big boy is headed.

Here are some options in Japan and out as well.

1. URAWA REDS- Rumors were flying about Hulk being gobbled up by the big red machine. With the early flops of Takahara and Edmilson, you have to say it's a good bet that Urawa will be a player in any bidding war. Add to the fact that they still have one slot open for a foreign allocation and it would be an easy assumption that Hulk lands in red just like another moody Brazilian striker (well 2 actually, Edmundo and Washington both ended up in Urawa)

2. Tokyo Verdy- No discussion of possible destinations would be complete without mentioning the green of Verdy. Hulk had a career year here, he is tailor made for the system and has a great chemistry going with Diego. Dropping either Leandro or Francisimare would not be a huge loss considering what would be coming back in.

3. Omiya Ardija- Yeah, stop laughing. Omiya was in the bidding war for Maki during the offseason and it's becoming increasingly clear that Denis Marquez is not going to be in the plans of Coach Higuchi anytime soon. The service of Marquez to Juninho and Chong Tese is exactly what is needed for Frontale to get their ball rolling again and Hulks pressing style and strength with the ball would be a perfect compliment to the young Pedro Junior up top. It would also allow Kota Yoshihara to use his speed on the wing. A swap of cash and Marquez for Hulk would be a perfect fit for both teams and it would also help a squad that doesn't really get in the way of Kawasaki's championship intentions.

4. Shizuoka squads- Both Jubilo and Shimizu seem to be in ruts. The addition of Hulk would change the complexion and chemistry of both teams. Probably for the better......especially with Jubilo.

5. Middle East- Hulk has been in Japan for 3 years and he has mentioned the fact that he'd like to become a citizen......however there is alot of money to be made in the desert. Ask Rodrigo Gral.

6. Europe- there was talk that Bayern Munich were looking at Hulk as a potential addition. He could probably find a job in the Netherlands or smaller leagues and excel. He might have to wait on that though with the transfer window closed.

As I said before, I didn't think he was gonna fit in with the scorers at Kawasaki and he didn't. I couldn't imagine it would be only a month in though. Good luck to him wherever he lands.


UltraVerdy said...

Bring back Hulk, "the green giant" at Ajinomoto !

Nick said...

PPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSSEEEEEEEEE come back!! The front office should be moving heaven, earth, hell, Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, Mickey Mouse, Donald, Pikachu and any other thing that needs to be moved to sign him back up. I would "love it just love it" if he came back!! If its a bidding war, we are knackered though I guess. Where did you see this story??

SMB said...

Kawasaki made it official yesterday......the teams are just speculation. Actually Omiya is just a dream of mine.

I dunno if they would risk giving him to Verdy and possibly have them finish ahead.