Sunday, March 30, 2008

5 shots

5 shots today. 5 little shots. 5 measly shots

22 shots on the season so far........22 shots total.

2 goals....1 on a PK

Today saw Coach Hashiratani run out a lineup without Kaz Iio, instead choosing to line Leandro on the side and pair up Diego with the big donkey. And it worked, sort of. The donkey got his goal but the previously inept Gamba Osaka got 2 on an incredible 19 shots. Lucas AKA Lionel Richie Jr. managed to grab one late to seal the deal for Gamba and send Verdy into relegation territory for the first time this season.

More troubling for the team is that fellow promotion debutants, Kyoto Sanga and Consadole Sapporo both have wins in league play and seem to have their teams in position to at least be competitive. Today's game saw 4 yellow cards for the Verdy side......almost matching the shot total.......which did I mention was a paltry 5 today?

Somebody on the Big Soccer boards asked the question "Are Verdy really that desperate to spend 500000000 yen to get Hulk from Frontale?"

Yes, they are.

The good news is Sports Hochi is reporting that indeed there is interest from the team to sign Hulk. They are currently exploring ways to make this come to fruition. Whether or not Kawasaki wants to deal with Verdy is another matter, but I think the yen is mightier than the possible fan grudge that could happen if Hulk is successful and Juninho still stinks.

Other news from the Hochi is that Rui Ramos is getting a change in title from Executive Director to Managing Director. Why? Who F@#$$$$ Knows?

So if your keeping score at home

Albirex really sucks right now and that makes me sad because I like Albirex and their fans.
Urawa, Gamba, and Kawasaki don't suck as bad as everybody thought.
Chiba is starting to suck like everyone thought they would.
Omiya is not bad but kinda suck at scoring still. Shimizu sucks sometimes. Kashiwa sucks without Fransa. Consadole and Kyoto don't quite suck as much as promoted teams usually do.
Oita sucks even though they don't suck. Nagoya hasn't sucked yet but are due to. FC Tokyo sucks because they are FC Tokyo. Jubilo sucks against everyone except for Gamba and Verdy.
Verdy doesn't have enough offense to not suck. Yokohama F Marinos don't suck very much. Vissel sucks because they are owned by Rakuten and they changed their shirts and they bought their way to respectability and Leandro should come back to Omiya.

Kashima desn't suck at all and if they keep up their pace, the J League will suck this year meaning that in fact Kashima sucks for screwing up the J league.

Kazu Sucks.


-------------NipponBasse----------------- said...

haha, nice reading c")

Vendo Thefastlane said...

Sorry about the team's performance, or lack thereof. Hulk would really mean the world for Verdy if it were possible to bring him in.

Nick said...

Realistically I wouldn`t have expected to be in any other position after 3 games.I don`t see the need for panic, remember we have played 3 of the top 5 teams from last season in the league and 2 of those games have been away. If we come up against the lower teams and still can`t score, then we have a problem. Admittedly, the lack of goals is a problem but I still think we`ll be OK considering for me 15th place is the realistic target given our less than stellar summer signings!! I missed the game on TV or at the ground for the first time in ages as I was on holiday in the onsen with a load of naked old opposed to watching a load of Green cladded old guys on TV. Let`s hope we can do the business against Jubilo tomorrow night. I got the goal prediction spot on and Im gonna go mad and say we are gonna get our first win on the board at Kokuritsu tomorrow!! C`mon the Boys!!