Saturday, November 24, 2007



Today was a historic day for the former Flugels as they managed to stretch their J1 winless streak to 20 games. Under embattled coach Julio Leal, the team has managed 2 goals and 2 ties out of 11 games total. Leal's major strategic move was to insert 40 year old Kazu Miura back into a permanent starting spot and the results have been telling. Next week marks the final game for the FC against Asian Champs Urawa. Urawa is desperate for a win, a tie would spell possible doom with a hard charging Kashima Antlers facing Shimizu in the finale of 2007. Wouldn't it be ironic (wink wink........errr......convienient) if the Asian Champs were to drop the game to the worst team in J League history. AMAZING J!

One more rumor to pass along involving Sanfrecce Hiroshima and their burly striker seems Oita is keen to pick the big man in hopes of bulking up their scoring. Ueslei is thiiiiiiiiiis close to becoming the all-time leader in scoring for the J League and teaming up with the young and talented frontline of Oita might be just the thing that gets him over the top. Although, it needs to be pointed out that Ueslei led teams seem to drop like stones in the ranking pool so it's a bit of a risk taing him on. And he's pushing 36......eventually the tap will go dry.

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