Monday, November 26, 2007

The Bloodletting begins!

Yokohama FC delivered on its promise of severing ties with a good portion of their team. Included in the list were two former national teamers from long ago. Let's get down to it before the bodies get cold The biggest name in the bunch was MF Motohiro Yamaguchi. Yamaguchi was a regular during the amazing run to J1. One of the old Flugels, Yamaguchi helped anchor the squad.
Tomoyuki Yoshino joined in 2006 from Shonan Bellmare. Yoshino got into 9 games
Yohei Sakai was a little used midfielder who joined in 2005 from the Marinos youth program. Yoichi Akiba joined the team last year from college. He managed 2 games.
Norio Omura is a well traveled DF who appeared in 17 games for FC. Omura started with Marinos and floated around until ending up last year in Yokohama.

Mitsunori Yabuta, a 31 year old forward and Kazuya Iwakura also got the axe.

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