Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ties are lame

Ah yes, the proverbial sister kisser. Verdy outshot and outfouled the might men of Sendai but could only come up with a tie. Hulk was off on his 9 chances but the big Brazilian sidekick, Diego managed to enter the account late to salvage a point at home and steal 2 away from Vegalta. Some bad news out of the game is that Hulk picked up another yellow.....thus making him ineligible for the Ehime game for sure and potentially the Cerezo game as well. Is that the last we've seen of Hulk in green?

1-1 and a little closer to the promised land.

Yokohama FC watch----- The land of misfit Verdy players finally scraped a point for erstwhile manager Julio Leal after a cross from Atsuhiro Miura found the silky foot of Shingo Nejime for a 1-1 tie against freefalling Kashiwa Reysol. Yokohama FC managed to break a record.....going 634 minutes without finding the back of the net. The former record was held by the Urawa Reds.

News out of Brazil is that big striker and former Verdy man Washington is NOT going to be in the J League next year. It seems the J League holders are close to making a deal with Fluminense (Fluminese?) to ship the grumpy goalhanger off to Brazil.

It's getting to the brand new Omiya NACK5 stadium to see the finest girl in Japan after her facelift.


Vendo Thefastlane said...

Ties are lame but can be exciting as hell.

I predict that when all is said and done, this result will have saved Verdy from losing promotion.

Nick said...

Another tie between Kyoto and Sendai will do nicely too!! Or match abandoned for ANY reason with both sides getting no points and no replay. I have my prayer mat out as I type.....

Nick said...

By the way Steve, I saw the Omiya on a fuzzy screened Saitama TV.... sickener to finish but from a neutral point of view Oita had the better of the game and more clear cut chances. Omiya struggled to get near the goal after the opening strike by Kobayashi. Dennis Marques should have been taken off after being banged up as he was, he was unable to to do anything after that. Is the Sakurai they had on the bench Naoto who was at Verdy?? I remember him and Mboma tearing up the Marinos a few years back, we were 3-0 down in a torrential rainstorm at Nissan Stadium only for Sakurai to bag two and set up Mboma for the 3rd to scrape a draw. Should never have let him go....He should have been on surely!! Also whats going on with Marques` "do"??!! I thought the greasy mullet left Japan when Oseas left Kobe. I was wrong!! Crunch game with Kofu next week, you gonna go?? Kofu isn`t too far and there is a direct train/romance car from somehere on the Chuo line.Im not sure they`ll stay up outright, I didn`t see enough there to say that but then again Kofu got battered so they won`t be up to much either.Good luck!! ps stadium looked great, wouldn`t mind a trip there next season so lets hope they manage to do it!! (Unless Verdy mess it up,in which case I hope Omiya go down...or we meet in the play offs and Verdy win)

SMB said...

You should come out December 1st against Frontale.....category 4 only but they have seats and you can relax and watch the bludgeoning.

Oita was cheap and dirty. I didn't respect em, pushing a guy in the back into your keepers foot is not really a clean play and if it had been Leandro who had done that he would have gotten straight red......however the dim bulb that took the reigns from bald bob didn't help matters any with his two defensive mid subs and his 20 year old one top forward who hasn't come close to scoring all year. We win next week, we will not be relegated....Verdy wins against Ehime, they will get promoted. Sanfrecce isn't gonna get more than 3 points unless the league decides that they want em to stay up. I think there's too many juicy pieces that the big boys want to steal.

Naoto is the same former Verdy guy. He's a shell of what he used to be, too many injuries...we thought he was done this year but he has dragged himself back from the dead.

Nick said...

Thanks for the offer but I work Saturdays, (also try not line the pockets of other teams, my 2000 yen could be contributed to the purchase of a new forward-or two Iios/Funakoshis-who could end up scoring and sending Verdy down again)!!!this season has been great as there have been so many Sunday games. If we get up, unfortunately Ill be back to the odd Sunday game and the night games in summer. Its been a real treat this year,ive been to more games than ever before.