Tuesday, October 09, 2007

True Confessions

I have seen a few people have written posts asking where I am and why I haven't posted.

The short, terse answer is I haven't really cared. It's funny...the team is playing great now, they fought back into second and I can't be bothered for some odd reason. Maybe it's because Ramos is making the right decisions and I can't handle it. Maybe it's because he's winning with guys I really don't like as players. Maybe it's because the team did the entirely opposite thing instead of conventional wisdom and are succeeding.

I dunno.......I just remember sitting in Ajinomoto stadium on a beautiful day when Verdy played Ehime and absolutely not caring about whether or not the team won.

I feel like a fraud.

You guys deserve a blog written by someone who actually cares about the team. I'm not that guy. I'm an Omiya fan. I know that because I've gone to every home game and a couple road games and they sucked (for the most part).......and I have no intention of stopping going to those games.

My dream is that someone out there gets pissed off enough to think......hell, I could a better job than Soilent Green and they write a blog about Verdy.

I will be going to see Verdy play Shonan......maybe my last one for the season.

I'll try to write more.......but no promises.


Ultranippon said...

what a surprise! :O

Why did you write a blog of Verdy if you are an Omiya fan? o_O

Despite this fact your soilent green blog was great! Thank you for this brilliant job Steve :)

If you want to make a blog of Omiya I will write here because you are my friend, if you are a Verdy fan or not it isn't important!

See you!

Nick said...

Maybe see you in the playoffs!! or maybe we`ll see you in passing on the way down. I don`t fancy Omiya`s chances of staying up,no goalscorers and just as important no luck. Last minute sickener against Albirex didn`t do anyone any favours confidence wise Im sure. Then again Verdy still have time to stumble and ruin the run we are on!!

Nick said...

Im hoping they stay up as its an easy away trip to Omiya Park which has to be the best of the small stadiums in Japan. At hanami time (when I went a couple of years back) is beautiful. The only downside was a bunch of gaiijin Omiya guys shouting "Verdy wankers etc" from the safety of behind the stand in full knowledge that 99.99999 per cent of the people the comments were aimed at wouldn`t have understood them. Very tough guys obviously!! Nice one boys!!

Furtho said...

Well, I think that the important thing here is that it would be a real shame if you ended up not writing at all, because your stuff is always well done. It would be good to see you write about SOMEthing, whether it be Verdy or Omiya - or possibly something broader, as per the much-missed Lost in Translation blog?