Monday, September 03, 2007


Verdy Blog and Pride of Green as well as other numerous sites are reporting on a story released by Nikkan Gendai

Before I tell the sordid details, let me say 2 things

1. Nikkan Gendai is a tabloid variety publication and has some credibility issues
2. No other publication has picked up the story

Anyhow the story states that CyberAgent and Yomiuri publications/NTV are looking to pull out all of their capital in Tokyo Verdy due to lackluster ticket sales and a loss of money. The story states that Yokohama FC would buy the name "VERDY" and become Yokohama Verdy FC next year.


Verdy has lost a ton of money due to overspending, bad personnel decisions, and a declining fan base. Old stars such as Nanami and Hattori failed to give the team a boost in the gates that CyberAgent had hoped for. Verdy has alot of money invested in land as well as renting out a huge facility in Ajinimoto while only averaging 10 percent of capacity.


I think that if Yokohama FC rebranded to Verdy, the supporters who went through the whole Flugel tragedy and spent their early J League fandom hating prefectural rival Kawasaki Verdy would probably go on a killing spree the likes of which hasn't been seen since Atilla was still kickin. Even with the Verdy reunion tour going on right now at relegation ground zero, I don't think Yokohama FC woud do that. The goodwill that they are getting from reaching J1 would be destroyed.......relegation, they'll survive.......rebranding and you'll see two teams die.

I'll keep an eye on this story


Vendo Thefastlane said...

Isn't Yokohama FC owned by the supporters, anyway? Fans started the club in 1999, but I'm not sure what the end result was as ownership goes...

Ultranippon said...

It would feel so bad if Tokyo Verdy become Yokohama Verdy FC.

I am a fan of Verdy since Verdy was at Kawasaki and I always support Verdy!! I though better days would come but I never though Verdy could die!! :(

I prefer to be in JSL than this stupid fusion, and I think Yokohama fans think as me because they made Yokohama FC as they didn't like the fusion of Marinos and their old Fl├╝gels.

See you!!

SMB said...

I don't think the Yokohama thing is true........although I'm not sure the fans are the rea power behind that club.....I know they have little money but I think they are getting something from Kazu's conglomerate.

I don't think the league will let a Tokyo team die, no matter how dire the finances......they might do what they did with Tosu and Kofu first......although those teams were cose to death.

I think alot will hinge on Verdy getting promotion.....if they do it then CyberAgent (if it's true they want to pull out) will change their minds. NTV/Yomiuri have been disinterested for awhile now.

Good to see you again Ultra!

UltraVerdy said...

Like Ultranippon, i'm a fan of VERDY since 1995.
Tokyo or Kawasaki, Verdy 4ever!
I hope this thing isn't true.
Verdy, your legend will never die!

Nick said...

anybody home?

Ultranippon13 said...

Hello! Now Verdy should win Consadole, I think the team can return to J1 if they win some matches.

See you!

PD. Silva returned again. he is a good player, im happy! :D

Vendo Thefastlane said...

Tomorrow is the one month anniversary of no updates despite with much to report... :(

Hope for a return soon!