Wednesday, October 17, 2007

How would Hulk look in Red?

According to WEEKLY SOCCER MAGAZINE SHA, Urawa is targeting a bevy of J League stars in attempts to bolster their sad, sad lineup that only managed to lose 2 games and advance to the Semi-Finals of the ACL. Included in Urawa's alleged shopping list is FW Hulk, Vegalta super midfielder Lopes, JEF Chiba midfielder Koki Mizuno, and former Urawa Red and current RedBull Salzberg MF Alessandro Santos. Arguably Urawa got the pick of the amateur class in FW Hiroyuki Takasaki as well.

Other rumored moves include Washington to Nagoya Grampus Eight.


Nick said...

I would puke into my cornflakes every morning.....but unfortunately he`s not even our player anyway. Surely Frontale would have to play him next year!! Ive no idea how long his contract is with Frontale but if its next season too, surely hes worth one of their three foriegn spots. Even if we get up,I can`t see us being able to afford to rent him next year. His price will sky rocket im pretty sure. It was FANTASTIC while it lasted but Im guessing he`ll be gone come December....sniff sniff

SMB said...

Kawasaki might go after him.....looks like Juninho will be leaving. Edmilson is the newest foreign poacher to be on Urawa's list.

Aaron said...

Juninho would look good in orange!

Where's he going?

SMB said...

Juninho is going back to Brazil according to speculation

Aaron said...

Think Verdy will go up - turned it around totally.
IMO Verdy will be champions followed by Toshiya's Sapporo and hopefully Sendai though I have a feeling Kyoto might sneak 3rd.