Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What we learned so far

Well Verdy finds itself in 15th with games coming up against a suddenly resurgent Gamba squad and a date with front running Nagoya Grampus. The good news is that Verdy was far worse when they beat Grampus the last time they squared off and they won.

Another worry is the resurgence of JEF Chiba and their increasing brand of Ultradefensive Chibapool style. After turning over the roster with castoffs from other squads, the yellowdogs have managed to get a little push to respectability.

A bit of good news is that Jubilo Iwata is downright putrid. A 5-1 thrashing by the putrid part of Tokyo has them at 26 points with 8 games remaining. Looking at past relegation victims.......

2005 Tokyo Verdy drops after winning Emperors Cup/Xerox Cup and Real Madrid friendly. the mixture of old names and young guns fail to mesh

2006 Cerezo Osaka bottoms out after being moments away from victory. A mixture of young talent and old names fail to mesh

2007 Sanfrecce Hiroshima drops to J2 after their cast of players who have caps for the national team at all ages fails to win for a very long time.

And now we have a team with Komano and Kawaguchi struggling to stay afloat. The good news is that their next two games are against a Niigata squad that is downright offensive on the road and a Consadole squad who has to be reeling from yet another last second loss. If Jubilo fails to get at least 4 points out of these two you will see teams getting their shopping lists ready for the gutting. Considering Ruis fetish for retro Jubilo members and you could see one or two next year..........no matter what happens.

6 pointers

10/18 vs Omiya
11/9 vs Vissel
11/29 vs Yokohama

And one must win versus Consadole.

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Anonymous said...

Im not worried at all, 3 losses, zero points, 0 goals and the Return of Funakoshi as a starter....why would anyone worry!! I said 15th at the start of the year was the target and so far we are on course. Luckily I have numerous pairs of brown trousers, some WD-40 for any sign of the squeaks and a placcy bag just in case we get caught out on the move...finally I have a hope that the teams below are even worse than us..... CMON THE BOYS!!!