Friday, September 19, 2008


4 shots today

Nasu gets the red

Oita wins 2-0

And Verdy drops to 14th

even 80 year old Brazilian Ueslei gets a goal

Anyhow here is something I like

My favorite football song ever!

meanwhile Chibapool needs a pk and 2 red cards against bottom rung Consadole to win 3-2. I would cry conspiracy but I have no clue why the league would want a team who sells off all their assets and plays a really negative defensive style to stay up. Maybe it's the glorious kits.

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Anonymous said...

Luckily Ive managed to completely miss the last 2 games!! The first miss brought on by stopping at parents in laws, the second brought on by wife forgetting to switch tape on at lunchtime yesterday and then me settling down for the replay 5 mins before kick off for them to flash the days scores up on the 5 minute aftergame show just before the replay.....nuts...couldn`t face watching after seeing the score at the the top of the programme. Don`t you just hate it when that happens???!!!!!!
Still on the plus side Wolves have won 6 out of 7 of their opening fixtures, banging goals in left,right and centre and sit top of the fizzy pop league in England. The policy of employing two modern day Cyrille Regis` is a winner!! One step away from the Premier. Win the next 40 games and they are up GUARANTEED!! Still plenty of time to balls it up though....